Top tips to present yourself when going for the first job interview right after college.

Your first job as a graduate is likely to be the most enthralling experience of your life as you get exposed to aspects of your life that you never even knew existed. While you may possess a magnanimous amount of knowledge and skills to take on the job that a company of firm is offering, the chances are extremely slim if you do not make the right first impression. Graduate schemes can play a pivotal role in this as you get to experience hands-on, the actual work environment beforehand.  Since it is your first interview, minor errors are bound to happen and you may not even realize it in the process. It is a common phenomenon for graduate students who are freshly out of college, to get advice from loved ones about their first interview. A majority of these people will ask you to focus on the bigger picture and let your employers know of your achievements and skills. Although employers are on the lookout for these qualifications, they are also looking for individuals who will be socially sound and have a warm and welcoming personality. To make sure that you fulfil these criteria, you ought to follow some simple tips that are mentioned below.

Top tips to present yourself when going for the first job interview right after college.

1.)   Be professional when it comes to dressing up:

The first yardstick by which you are bound to be measured is the way you dress up for the interview. This is the first thing that your employers are to notice as you walk into the interview room and therefore, you must make sure that you impress them in this department straight away. This will help them form an impression about you that is likely to last until the end of the interview. A good rule of thumb would be to stick to one single colour instead of donning myriad colours. Keep it simple, formal and extremely professional.


2.)   Arrive on time if not before time:

It does not matter if you are a few minutes early; however, it makes a whole lot of difference if you arrive even a couple of minutes late. Your employers will not entertain you for much longer if you are late. If you fear that traffic will pose a threat, you must leave quite early than your expected time. In fact, if you arrive early for your interview, it sends across positive vibes to your employer.

3.)   Groom yourself well:

Fragrance, more often than not, can be a deal breaker. Often, strong and off-putting fragrance can be the reason for you not getting selected for a job. Therefore, you must pull all stops to ensure that you either choose a mild note or not wear perfume at all. However, a good quality body deodorant is a must to ensure that you do not come across as unpleasant.

4.)   Be warm and friendly:

Confidence is something that employers are vying for. Even if you do not feel quite confident for your first interview and are nail-bitingly nervous, the idea is to not let that show in your behaviour. Graduate schemes are an excellent option as it helps in overall grooming of an individual. Making eye contact is an absolute must. You must smile more often and be friendlier. Throwing your weight around will get you nowhere and therefore, you must be more cordial and shake hands before and after the interview.


5.)   Watch your language:

Speaking in a casual manner should be reserved for your best friends. When talking in an interview, strictly stick to terms that are more professional. Using slang can land you in trouble.

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