5 Reasons why Blogging is Good Marketing

Are you aware that blogging offers multiple business benefits to the marketers? It can also help you earn extra money by making your creative art of storytelling reach global heights.

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In today’s time, the strong relationship between blogging and social media is not hidden by anyone. Day by day, this relationship is getting strengthened with a pinch of trust being added in different formats by bloggers. Hence, with all its diverse functions, blogging forms the core of an integrated content marketing strategy. Social media works as its distribution channel with an added layer. Now, to know why blogging is good for the marketing, let’s share the five main reasons:

Blogs are the base of SEO strategy

Blogs can mint gold for SEO(search engine optimization) . As you routinely update and optimize keywords in your blogs, they help in highlighting your product on daily basis, especially when linked to Google cloud.

Blogs can make you an established leader

If you continue writing or blogging on a particular subject and if you are known across the industry, there is no doubt that you shall become a leader of your subject one day. Use of blogs can help you pave the path to achieve industry leader status.

Blogs for brand awareness

Blogs are always good for brand awareness. They provide a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Also they help in carrying forward your focused message in the hearts and minds of target customers

Journalists bank on blogs

Bloggers are ‘resources’ these days. That’s the reason why journalists also bank on them to dig out interesting source material.  Even the public relations professionals depend on bloggers to promote and market their breaking client news.

Blogs are building blocks for new bonds

There is immense power in blogging. It builds bonds; bonds defining the best parameters. This is because when you write, people want to learn more about you and they actually start feeling an actual bond.

Hence, we all need to remember that in today’s time, where social media is penetrating in every nook and corner, trust forms the most valuable currency. And it is the class of bloggers which can help build trust in the society through their writings and promoting a  concept, product or idea in society, thereby paving way for good marketing.

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