Tips to Make your Dissertation 100% Original

Are you aware of the key priorities to be kept in mind while submitting PhD Dissertation? Clueless?  Ok, let’s discuss the most important thing to be kept in mind while submitting PhD Dissertation. Your content should be 100 per cent original. Nothing is more important than this point to be remembered in the entire process.


It’s true that in today’s time, there are many websites available to guide you on content part. Hence, there should be no confusion about sourcing the content. But one thing that should be remembered is the fact that whatever you write in a document, originality must be maintained.

And when we talk about a PhD dissertation, this becomes all the more important. Hence, let’s discuss ready-to-refer points which can help you in achieving 100% originality.

Always credit your reference sources:  If you have referred to any content source and have picked a quote, make sure that you give due credit to its original author. Also ensure that you have highlighted the material picked from that source. The other point is that the source should be cited within the text and it should be mentioned in all your references whenever you have cited any study anywhere in your dissertation.

Be particular in using the right citation/referencing style: To ensure full originality, you should always use right professional style of citation of external sources. Your academic institution can suggest this style via the dissertation writing guidelines. So without delay, you should pick up the recommended professional style guide and follow it thoroughly.

Use indigenous thoughts and words: While explaining your ideas and thoughts, try to use your own language in your dissertation. This will be much better than supporting some paraphrased text with quotations. If you present your arguments in your own words, it will be the most suitable way to make your work look original and genuine.

Know and test plagiarism: You should be very much aware about plagiarism. Try to avoid it in your work. Always conduct a plagiarism check with any available plagiarism detection tool. If there is any per cent of plagiarism, then rework to eliminate it from the required places.

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