Miracle of Islam on an Egg Shell

Hayat Rabbani Egg Merchant. A shop located in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan. Abdul Hameed Rabbani, who is the owner of the shop. He was running a simple egg shop, but suddenly his life became change because of an Egg.

The egg was not a normal, but it has the name of Allah and Prophet Muhammad sallahu alehewasallam on it. The shelf life of an egg is 2-4 days or maximum 3-4 weeks when we store it in a refrigerator, but this is a miracle of Allah that the egg is fresh after 1 year and 28 days at 1st November 2020.

Ashok Gahlot with Miracle Egg

allah name on an egg

Miracle Egg

Miracle of Allah on an Egg Shell

Miracle of Islam on an Egg Shell

He has promoted the egg on the occasion of Muharram with the title of Kudrat Ka Karishma – Hayat Rabbani.

Qudrat Ka Karishma

When the team of How2learn.in went on his shop. Mr. Abdul Hameed Rabbani requested us to promote his egg. If you want to visit the egg, then you can contact him at +919928361026 or visit Shop No. K-12  Housing Board Road, In Front of Water Workers, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur – 302020. Hope you like the post. Please share the post on your social networks with your friends.

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