Celebrities Converted to Islam

There are lots of celebrities in the world that are converting in Islam. Review their images before and after converted to Islam.

List of Top 10 Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities who converted in Islam

01. Mike Tyson: Mike tyson is an American professional boxer. Tyson also converted to Islam with new name Malik Abdul Aziz. The renowned boxer grasped the religion when he was sentenced to jail for rape case. The photo above in Makkah from 2010 is confirmation enough.

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mike tyson converted in islam

02. Snoop Dogg : Snoop Dogg is a famous rapper, who has described himself as a “founder of the hip hop community” Snoop Dogg has uncovered he has joined the Nation of Islam in the wake of showing up at the religious gathering’s yearly Saviors’ Day occasion in Chicago.

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snoop dogg converted to islam

03. Carley Watts: Carley Watts, a 24-year an English glamour model.Carley has shocked his fans by announcing that she is ending her career and converting to Islam

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curly watts converted to islam

04.Lindsay Lohan:  Lindsay Lohan was come into controversy again when she update her instagrame status “Alaikum salam” to show people that she has accepted Islam. Lindsay Lohan has deleted all her pictures from Instagrame after converts to Islam.

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lindsay lohan accepted islam

05. A R Rehman: He is an Indian composer, music producer, singer-songwriter and musician. A very interesting history of his life behind to converted in Islam. But He doesn’t share the story with everyone. He has sung many Islamic songs like Piya Haji Ali(Fiza), Khawaja Mere Khawaja (Jodha Akbar) etc.

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ar rahman converted to islam

06. Yousuf Youhana: He was a Christians who plays for the Pakistan cricket team. His new name is Mohammad Yousuf.

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yousuf youhana converts to islam

07. Jehangir Vakil: He was an Indian television actor known for his role as Pratap in the serial, Balika Vadhu. He converted into islam after impressing Dawat-e-Islami. His new name is Muhammad Jehangir Attari.

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(balika vadhu ) jahangir vakil converted in islam

08. Sharmila Tagore: She is an Indian film actress. She had been converted in Islam after marriage with Mansoor Ali Khan. Her new name is Begum Ayesha Sultana.

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sharmila tagore converted to islam

09. Pooja Lama : She was a Nepal’s famous actress from the Buddhist family. Her new name is Amna Faruki.

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pooja lama converted to islam

10. Mamta Kulkarni : She was a Bollywood actress.

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mamta kulkarni converted to islam

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