Top 3 Deadly Mistakes Designers are Making

There are various significant elements that define a good website, and website design is one of the most important elements. Whether you plan on launching a simple informative blog or more of a professional site, without a good website design, you may find it difficult to have online success.

Launching a website is a daunting task but the real challenge lies in designing it. Designers forget that the website is being built for web users and online customers. They keep creativity and innovative over practicality and usability.

Therefore, we decided to mention top 3 deadly mistakes that designers make while designing a website.

1.       Designing the holy search box

Internet is an archive of information. A large amount of information is available and accessing every bit of it is not possible without a search box. Be it an informative blog, an online store or a professional site, search box plays a crucial role. A web user may want to find something which is not available on the first page of the site. Web users are impatient and it takes only few minutes to irritate them. Therefore, instead of navigating them away from your website it is always better to give them easier access to your information.

Designing the holy search box

Solution: adding a Google custom search box in the navigation bar on the right side of the page will help you solve the problem. Google custom search box is effective, simple and neat. It allows web users to easily search any information on your website easily and effectively. Simply copy the HTML code and paste it in the desired place on your site.

2.       Violating Design conventions

Consistency is important not only in the real world but also in the online world. When things perform in the same manner, users do not have to think about what will happen and how. They already know about it because of their previous experiences. They have seen it. And that’s good. When users know something and their anticipations prove right, they feel in control and they like it. However, the more unusual they experience, the more apprehensive they feel. As a matter of fact, people spend half of their half surfing the internet. Accessing hundreds of websites on a regular basis make them form a particular image in their mind regarding the basic structure and layout of the website.

Violating Design conventions

Solution: Try not to break the user’s expectations. If you deviate from common designing conventions, it would be difficult for users to use your website. As explained in the previous example, place the search box where it is usually place – on the top right side of the webpage. That’s normal. That’s what web users expect.

3.       Dull, Boring and Lengthy Registration Forms

Online registrations are the dullest and boring things. Nobody likes to fill in the same details over and again. Registration forms are the first things that web users want to avoid. If they find a website that asks for filling a registration form, a user navigates to other website.

Solution: Though registration forms are important, they don’t have to be boring and lengthy. You can always keep the interest of your users by keeping the registration form as short as possible. Try to use only few important textboxes such as username, email id and password – that’s all you need – unless you are running a business where you need other information too. In addition, you can give the option of signing in with social media networks, which is as useful as normal registration forms. This way, users do not find registration forms boring, and also do not navigate away from your website. Purpose solved!

Wrap up

Keep it simple, short and crisp – it’s worth it! That’s what your users are expecting. Do not design for search engines, design for the users.

Author Bio:

Emma Watson is a writer cum WordPress developer. She loves writing information-rich posts on website conversions. Currently, she is employed as a WP designer with Wordsuccor, a leading PSD to WP Conversion Services Company that has been delivering high-end conversions to global customers.

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