How to Earn Money Online in India

The telecom revolution in the last decade has enabled ordinary citizens of India to log on to the World Wide Web and a large number of Indians are looking to benefit from the internet financially.

There are numerous ways to earn money online in a free and fast manner.

India is a country having low per capital income, so a large number of internet users are looking different ways to earn money from the comfort of their homes. These include housewives, senior citizens, and teens who are looking to increase their income and many of them dream rich.

Earn Money Online in India

The internet gives very good opportunities to make money. Though it cannot be considered as a

single source of income, definitely the net can supplement your income. The amount you can earn depends on the time and efforts you are going to put.

Here are some options and find out which ones work for you.


If you have thrill in writing and want to publish, the best option is to create your own blog. You

need not require technical skills to create a blog. If you have expertise you will definitely succeed. You can lure advertisers, pen paid reviews and get commissions for promoting other products and earn money to a great extent. 

Freelance writing

Maintaining a blog may be difficult sometimes but again if you have a passion for writing

you can still write down articles for other sites. You can write E-books which is a good option.

E-books do not require investments. You only need command over the language. The other option is to become a copy editor where Webmasters pay for your work.

Online tutoring

This is another different technique to earn money through internet. You can teach the students

and arrange tutorials for them through different sites. All you need to become an online tutor

and expertise in your field and if you gain reputation you can transmit lectures over the Net.

Online surveys

There are different online surveys through which you can make money. Through Online surveys you can answer questions that range from shopping to politics. This method is suitable who need extra bucks.

Internet quizzing

You can arrange quizzes through the Net and earn money. 

Affiliate marketing

If you have good interest and knack in selling products online the best option is Affiliate

marketing. An Affiliate gets commission for every product he promotes. Sign up an affiliate program with a company and start selling their product using your referral link.

Good option for professional

If you are an expert in your trade and know the knack of customer satisfaction, freelancing

is a good option. Project –oriented sites allow companies to describe their projects. You can offer

your ideas and proposals and the buyers can select what is suitable for them. You can earn a good amount of commission thereby.


Advertising through Net is another great option to earn money. You have to sell space on your

Website or blogs and when the ads are clicked by visitors you earn money in a decent way. Here

the placing of an ad is free. Profitability depends upon the traffic level of the Website, rate and cost per click.

Get-paid –to sites

This is another popular way to earn money especially for our teens. You can sign up for free Websites, play games and fill out online surveys. These are suitable for teens who do not have

the skill sets to earn money.

Marketing through Online.

For this, first you have to create a Website and optimize for search engine. A search engine marketing expert can promote a Website in different ways. You can market articles, write press releases, post blogs and earn money thereby.

You can sell photos too

This is yet another option for those having keen interest in photography. You can earn a good amount of money through this option. There are people who are having special interest in collecting images. Many photo agencies provide incentives to people who are interested to earn from their photos.

Inbound call centre. 

There are so any companies especially in metro cities prefer to hire employees outside their offices. You can set up a inbound call centre at your home to handle such type of jobs. Research

companies who are outsourcing their work as they may require agents for Inbound call centre also. In this case you can work for different companies.

These are the main options you can consider if you really want to earn money online in India.

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  1. santosh says:

    its really good way for make money online.

  2. Emily Johnson says:

    Thank you for publishing this article i’m currently doing survey stuff online and make more than 300$ every month, now i would try other methods as well as listed on this site

  3. Smith says:

    Affiliate marketing is the best option for make money online.

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