Is Indian Education System Ensures Overall Development of a Student

Believe me friends honestly speaking today the education system has become a complete rat race. Parents are concerned about scoring marks rather than understanding the concepts. This increases the pressure in the minds of the students. Students are over stressed with huge syllabus and get less scope for any other activity to develop their skill sets.

This is why online learning can be one of the best solutions for them. There are certain areas where the education system or authority needs to work upon. The scope for nurturing or cultivating the individual talent of a student is very less in India.

So, let’s explore some facts about the Indian education system

Lack of proper grooming of the candidates:-

Students from the school level get knowledge about their academics on a constant basis. But on the other hand school does not focus on the personality development of a student. Their mode of learning is offline where in the job sector each and every task is done on the online mode. This is why online private tuition is gaining popularity in the country. Every parents dream that their child to become the topper of the class.

Education system today became the rat race:-        

Every student today is focusing their attention in getting more marks. This is actually not their fault neither the fault of their parents. The ecosystem of the education in India is not permitting them to think above this fact. Sometimes without understanding the concepts simply students mug up the concepts. This for sure helps them to get more marks but will not ensure up gradation of their knowledge. This is why the online learning platform is the most feasible option to give their knowledge the most feasible direction.

Less ability for critical & analytical analysis:-   

The thinking capacity of the students today is retarded to a great extent. After studying a chapter in any subject they don’t analyze things rather they try to mug up the concepts. This reduces their critical thinking or analytical thinking ability of the students. They don’t able to view a matter from different point of view. Reasoning and spatial ability is very less among the students. Better to say that they cannot able to think out of the box. They cannot able to visualize the concepts in their mind. This makes the situation worse and ultimately leads to misconception in the practical field. This is why online learning is appreciated by various schools and colleges in India.

Students have less application:-   

Students possess less application of mind today. On the contrary every job field requires high level of application. If the student cannot make the right application of their concepts then chances of getting the jobs gets reduced to a great extent. This is why it is essential to get the idea of the concepts in a better way. This will help them to prosper in their future learning process.

Lack of creativity & innovation:-   

Maximum of the privileged child of India lacks creative thinking innovative thinking now a day’s. They are more theoretical in their approach rather providing practical solution. This is why there is a need of such an education system where the students can relate themselves with the concepts. In this regard, online learning is the best solution for them to look forward in to it.

Methods to improve the situation   

There are very simple and innovative methods available using which the education system can be upgraded in India.

  • Make the learning process through interactive way of learning. This can be possible by promoting online learning
  • Increase the number of projects in the curriculum that requires real life application.
  • Enhance application oriented case studies to improve the analytical thought process of the candidate.


Here in the online platform of Gurusiksha similar kind of information are available. If you wish you can visit their website to get more information. Student’s career development in academics is important. But at the same time overall development of the child is also very much important to nourish the talent and the skill sets of every individual student. This is why our education system needs to work upon the development of the soft skills more than only in theoretical bookish learning.

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  1. naved says:

    wow, good article. yes, I agree with you. nowadays education makes pressure on students. parents also forcing on students to study. in this article, you mentioned good things. thanks for sharing nice. article

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