How to Create Augmented Reality Apps for Android

AR is the integration of digital information with live video & user’s environment in real time. Devices are commonly used in AR are camera, computer, processor and a screen.

How does it work?

Applications generally use one of the two approaches: location based and marker based. Markers work by having software recognize a particular such as bar code or symbol, when the camera points at it, and overlaying a digital image at the point on the screen.

Location- based applications use the ability of a particular device to record its position in the world and then offer data that’s relevant to the location: remembering where you parked the car, finding your way around the city and others.

Augmented Reality is not an imagination, is a kind of reality that duplicate the world’s environment in a computer. The Augmented reality system generates a combination of the picture view taken by user & the ultimate virtual view designed by computer.

Advantages of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality adds sounds, graphics & shadow of the natural world in a smart phone video games and cell phones run on Augmented Reality these days used for soldiers, engineers, robotics & other industries. Advertising and printing industries are developing apps to display the digital content in the real world magazines location based Augmented Reality Apps are major forms of AR apps. Users can access information about nearest places relative to the current location. They can easily get the information about the places.
AR is being used to develop real-time 3D Games.

Augmented reality is changing the way we view the world or at least the way it uses the world. With augmented displays, which will eventually look much like a normal pair of glasses, informative enhancements will be refreshed continually to reflect the movements of your head.

Tremendous Virtual Reality Applications

The main and most important advantage of Augmented Reality App development is the bridge that is gapped between the real world and digital. AR plays very important & significant role. The marketing and promotion of products from interactive games to 3D experiences discovered on a whole new level through our exceptional options. Our Mobile Augmented Reality applications are growing rapidly in popularity, due its easy download features & dynamic uses on any smart phone.

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