The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

In modern world, majority of people use smart phones to access website and apps. If a website is not accessible by the mobile users, it may as well lose lots of web traffic and potential customers. Therefore, one should use the following tips and trick to accomplish the task:

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

Mobile blogging is a panacea for all ills:

One of the most important ways to make the blog mobile friendly is to install the widget that can instantly create the link compatible for the smart phone and tablets. While the desk top users would continue to read the content on the old site, mobile users would benefit from Plug-in.  Word press apps created by third party go a long way in making the blogs popular among the users irrespective of the location. Simple layout of the web page attracts huge amount of web traffic within the shortest possible time frame.

Mobile responsive theme can boost the business:

Interactive site that works in tandem with the touch screen of mobile phone is bound to attract the attention of the people. It is simplistically designed and doesn’t display information in a cluttered manner. Smooth navigation ensures that the users can easily search data they are looking for. Since the website is mobile responsive, it automatically adjusts lay out according to the screen size of the device. Moreover, the content display stays same across various mobile platforms. In short, the operating systems do not play any role in the performance of the website. Once theme is installed, it imparts consistency across the various web pages.

Tappable buttons and menus:

In order to provide user friendly interface, small buttons can that canno0t be easily invoked are removed. Instead, they are replaced by tappable buttons and menus perfectly capable to perform range of functions for the users. Even lay men can visit the website and access information according to their requirements. For Apple users, the maximum button size should be 44 pixels while for windows phone the button size is not more than 34 pixels. In short, the buttons need to be large enough to make the website popular and becomes one of the toppers of the search engine rankings.

Opt in forms and the payments are mobile optimized:

Data entry forms along with payment gateways are mobile optimized to facilitate the financial transactions of the smart phone users. In short, they can indulge in online shopping while on the go. If the opt in forms are optimized, people can easily provide the email address and help business to create genuine leads.

Capturing information of the mobile phone:

In order to trap information of the clients, you can always use the word press Plug-in. One may click on the widget and convert the website into its mobile friendly version. Opt-in box also appears while people scroll down the website.

Hire a developer:

Clients can always hire a developer to create payment solution that combines with the website. If the database is large, a comprehensive solution set is required. You should contact the third party to deliver the goods. Amazing mobile check out experience is the key to attract the attention of the visitors. In fact, you may see a surge in the traffic to the web page.

Create Snackable content:

In order to create enticing content, the header should be punchy and unique.CSS layout would go a long way in formatting the article. In addition, the sub heads of the blogs need to be clearly defined. Bulleted and numbered list make the content readable for the users. Edited images are also thrown into the eclectic mix to increase the popularity of the website.

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  1. mobile responsive is important one in today. we can create mobile , tab and desktop responsibility websites.

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