The Five Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins in 2016

Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins in 2020

Rich Snippets is an impressive and often buzzed concept. Rich snippets are the additional elements which highlight your listing in the numerous search results. All these – the prices, the star ratings, and the further details are rich snippets, which usually show up these days on the Google Search Results.

Research reveals Rich Snippets improve 30% of the Website’s click-through rate as compared to general links. The alluring rich snippets captivate readers rendering them useful information about what they are looking for your Business or on the Website.

Google affirms that Rich Snippets, however, don’t directly influence the search engine rankings; rather, they primarily help sites in a positive manner to attract attention in the crowd — and can therefore substantially raise the clicking possibilities on your particular page!

The article features some of the best rich snippet plugins for WordPress. Along with the rich snippet WordPress plugins, we underline each one’s outstanding and noteworthy features.

WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is an efficient premium WordPress plugin which lets you add Rich Snippets to your Website with comfort for various kinds of different content. With this excellent Rich Snippet WordPress Plugin, you can add structured data to a recipe, reviews, video, articles, and even editor ratings. Also, it is supported by several custom extensions to channelize for WordPress Development Company and things like WooCommerce, custom short codes, and much more.

WP Review PRO

WP Review PRO by the famous WordPress theme providers MyThemeShop is publicized for generating reviews on a WordPress-powered site. It’s quick, provides a responsive design and features a plenty of diverse styles. The distinct styles comprise a circular rating system, a point rating system, a star rating system, a circular rating system, and also a percentage rating system, as well as it is resourceful for adding pros and cons to a given review.

All in One Schema.Org Rich Snippets

The All in One Schema.Org WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin is a great and free option to head for if you resist paying. Similar to WP Rich Snippets, it’s especially beneficial for adding a particular Rich Snippets to broad diversity content –the reviews, the apps, the events, products, people, and much more.

WP Product Review

The WP Product Review is the definite one to consider if you run a site that provides genuine product reviews because it lets you add subtle points like the pros and cons of the products, as well as let you rate for several opinions.

For example, suppose you’re running a food home-delivery service review site. Then individually you can add the advantages of the service in question, as well as its negative points. You can then rate it on different parameters, such as quality, taste and delivery time, and so on.

Rich Reviews

With Rich Reviews WordPress Plugin you can add Rich Snippets to the WebPages in the form of user ratings and reviews with ease. Simply, it let users submit their reviews of your products and services, which then you can choose to moderation and show as you wish.


Rich Snippets proves a fabulous addition to any Website — and favorably, with WordPress, it is more manageable! All you need to choose the proper Rich Snippet plugin; the one which matches with your budgets and specifications.

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