What are the Java Trends for the year 2017?

Java, an open source language, is widely used in developing desktop software, web components and mobile applications. It is used to develop tools that are required for personal, enterprise and business usage. Its ability to write once and run anywhere made it quite popular in the developer’s community. It has got the best in industry editors like eclipse and net beans.

What Are The Java Trends For The Year 2020
3 reasons for a booming IT career with Java Certification

  • Higher Pay Package
  • Better Job Profiles and a higher potential for hiring.
  • The Most coveted and recognized Certifications

Growing Demand for Java Developers

In less than two years, the demand for mobile enterprise applications will grow five times faster than their capacities. Android currently dominates the smartphone market with 80.7% (compared to Apple’s 17.7%) and will continue its expansion from now through 2020. In this way, Java will remain the driving force behind mobile application development trends (provided Google doesn’t make major changes to the Android ecosystem). The lack of experienced vendors and expanding hourly rates will force EU and US companies offshore.

Java certification courses always help in long run as they provide an authentic proof of your capabilities. Aside from setting you from the rest of the group, it also helps in building a benchmark for acceptable standard of skills at work.

Oracle has split Java Professional Certifications into two different parts:

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCAJP)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCPJP)

Also, for Professional Level certifications (version 7 onwards), Associate Level Certification is mandatory.

Once you are Java certified, there is very good chance that you will clear all these Java programming written tests with minimum effort. Some companies even provide direct interview opportunities to Oracle certified Java developers. The Java course is designed for clearing the Java SE Programmer Certification. The entire training course content is in line with the certification training and helps you clear the exam and get the best jobs in the top MNCs.

The importance of Java Developer Certification includes:

  • Chance of promotion or designation change
  • More respect from clients
  • Increase your profile strength
  • More respect from your team
  • Chance of salary hike

Is it worth getting an Java developer certification in 2020 ?

Yes, if you get Java Programmer Certification you can get great jobs with pay hikes or other career growth opportunities after getting certified. Nowadays this certification is in heavy demand. Therefore, upgrading your skills and validating them in the form of certifications is always a bright idea to get your career moving forward.

Who should take this Training Course?

  • Software Developers, Architects, Web Designers
  • Students and professionals looking to be Java Developers

Java certifications Trend

Java certification courses give you an opportunity to learn Java programming language very closely in a short span of time. You not only learn about basics but also subtle details of essential Java APIs. This certification covers core Application Programming interfaces used to design object-oriented applications with Java, as well as insight into Java applications such as those that manipulate files, directories and file systems and many more key topics are part of Java certification course. Successfully completing the requirements of this certification track earns the designation of OCP, Java SE Programmer. This certification differentiates candidates in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise.

Oracle provides training from the Java developers. It has various level. The following are the levels and certifications under each level. Apart from the name of the certification, each one has it’s version.

  • Java Programmer I
  • Oracle Certified Associate

Oracle Certified Professional

  • Java Programmer II
  • Java Developer Certification

Oracle Certified Expert

  • Web Component Developer
  • Java Persistence Developer
  • Java Server Faces Developer
  • Business Component Developer
  • Web Services Developer

List of certifications for advanced developers:

  • Java EE Java Persistence API Developer (OCEJPAD)
  • Java EE Enterprise JavaBeans Developer (OCEEJBD)
  • Java EE Web Component Developer (OCEJWCD)
  • Java EE Java Server Faces Developer (OCEJSFD)
  • Java EE Web Services Developer (OCEJWSD)
  • Java EE Enterprise Architect

A certification in Java give your confidence a huge boost. Even without significant real life Java programming experience, you will feel that you know Java much better, this reflects in your interview and there it matter most.

Everyone in the job would definitely aim for the promotions, salary hikes and good job offers. These java certifications are the one of the skills that employers will be searching in the job portal. In the market, Java certified professionals always get an edge over non-certified professionals. Training in Java is recognized as the highest professional and best credentials in the field of Information Technology. Koenig Solutions has excellent trainers and innovating Java training solutions that are bound to be helpful for all.

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