How to Pick the Most Suitable JS Framework for Your Business Site?

Looking at the graph mentioned below no one can gainsay: JavaScript is ruling the technical town.

Now that we know this, but the questions which stands in front of us is that how to find the best JS framework which can match our industry requirements?

Apart from performance, dependencies, views , testing , routers, a lot is dependent on the community of developers. With so many options available, it becomes difficult for one to decide how to choose the best fit framework for your development. If we thoroughly see the market, we have 3 major contenders in the competition.

 There has been a tremendous growth in UX frameworks and libraries and they are mostly open source. Though, we have lots of discourses comparing the frameworks on the basis of their approach and functionalists, but what never came across my way were the articles gauzing their size, strength and  community of developers surrounding these open source projects and industry wise analysis, which play a key role in the development.

 In this blog we will discuss the key strengths of the top three JS frameworks which can  help you to analyze your competitors move.

javascript Usage statistics



AngularJS is a comprehensive front end development environment which offers the best development without the usage of any extra plugins for a data driven development. Features which makes AngularJS one of the top most frameworks are as follows:

Restful actions are now becoming a norm for client-server communication. In simple terms, JavaScript enables you  to talk to the server and get the data you need to interact with web pages. However, AngularJS turns this into a simple JS object, as per the  Model View View-Model (MVVM) pattern.

Dependency and Data Binding:

As per MVVM pattern the communication takes place automatically with the UI when any change occurs. Due to this you do not need to use wrappers, class declarations or setters/getters. AngularJS handles these things, which enables you to express data simply as JavaScript primitives, such as arrays, or using any complex data structure via custom types. As this process is automatic, therefore dependency functions can be asked as parameters in functions of AngularJS, instead of one main() function to execute the code.

Enterprise-level Testing:

While using AngularJS you won’t require any additional plugin or framework for any task, which included testing. You won’t face any trouble in working with Unit testing API of AngularJS,  if you have worked previously on frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha or QUnit.

Mentioned below is a study from which will help you to find whether your industry level competitors are using this framework or not.

AngularJS Popular Websites Verticals



KnockoutJS uses the MVVM framework which comes with concern of separation. This comes with the following benefits:

Developer/Designer Collaboration without Conflict

As the user interface is devoid of any non visual code for instance the business logic, therefore the designer can go on unbridled to optimize the code without worrying about the code from the programmer.  Likewise, the programmer also do not need to stay in touch with the UI markup while writing the business logic or the code.

Testable Code

In order to write clear unit tests, it allows decoupling the view form the model. For instance, using this you can write unit test for view model by calling its Load method and interrogating the properties. Further, you do not need to unit test this, as it do not involves a code logic.

Code Maintainability

A decoupled code can be managed easily, as it is easy to find a bug when you know where to find it.

It gives the leverage to testing engineer to easily modify the code, as it properly enclosed by test units.

Mentioned below is graph which will help you to analyze the industry wise competition.

KnockoutJS uses the MVVM framework



Backbone.js  has gained a lot of popularity 2020, and its name exactly fit to the task it performs.

It gives structures to web apps by utilizing the data present in the models. You can easily create,  validate, save and destroy these Models on the server itself. The actions on User interface is responsible for changes in the models, as a result the View which features the state of the current model is delivered again. It supports nested objects and has a fortifying data binding.

Mentioned below is graph which will help you to analyze the industry wise competition.

Backbone js popular website

Caveat: Points to know before choosing these frameworks !

1. There is a problem with major libraries that they create code lock-ins and thus they are difficult to replace.

2. One can never anticipate whats coming in the future, thus at times we choose frameworks which do not provide certain functionality and to avoid this we need to extend its functionality which results in bloated code base.

3. There are libraries which are not backword compatible, thus API breaks easily.

4.  Developers at times tend to ignore the performance metric of a framework looking at the abstractions provided by these libraries.

5. In order to use these JavaScript libraries in an optimal way you need to gain high expertise

6. You need to ensure that code written is efficient and maintainable, its not the libraries which are to blamed for poor performance

I hope this will help you in making the right choice!

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