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Home Maintenance: A 5 Step Guide!

EmilyIt is essential for you to maintain your house. House is a place not only for living but is also an emotional feel for you. It is a place where you spend most of your time so it makes it very important for you to decorate your house so that it can create a good impression about you. A beautiful house shows a good character of a person.

House is the place with your memories. You always want to realize your old memories. House is a place which helps you remember your memories. So it would be tough for you to let your house be unmaintained. Your home helps you with your all events. These events can either be happy or sad. But your home will support you with both the situations.

Top 5 Super Cute Nursery Decor Ideas You Must Know

Got kids at home and want to establish a compact yet beautiful nursery area for them? It’s always a pleasure setting up a small and vibrant space for kids because that spot becomes their favorite one in the entire home where they would spend their quality time. It should be an area full of playful activities, vivacious color schemes and beautiful decorative items.

While we all want the nurseries in our homes to be decorated as per our hearts’ desire; our budget constraints often restrict us from pursuing it.

Moreover, it is always recommended to explore all the options in hand so always keep on a look out amazing discount deals and offers on nursery items so that you may acquire the best bargains ever. Here are top 5 cute nursery décor ideas you should adopt this year.

  1. Stick With The Basics: 

Home décor without adding the basics is always a bad idea. Same goes to decorating the nursery area in your home. Make sure that you set up your nursery with the basic pastel colors and the wall colors should be light. Therefore, nurseries are usually painted with beautiful shades of light pink for girls and shades of blue for boys. Few unconventional wall colors include shades of purple and green which look absolutely beautiful. 

  1. Add Some Wooden Accessories: 

Using some durable wooden accessories to the nursery will prove to be very fruitful in the long run. Since wooden furniture will never go out of style; you can always count on it to make any room look good and add volumes of beauty and grace to your home décor. If it’s a small nursery you are building up; try investing in a beautiful wooden rocking chair also known as nursery glider chair which will add further style to the overall ambiance.

  1. Add Some Floral Designs: 

Kids love to be in floral surroundings. That’s why home décor experts always recommend adding floral patterns and designs to the nursery décor. You can add floral designed wall papers, wall arts and even the beddings of the nursery and they will absolutely gorgeous. Moreover, floral decoration gives the nursery a very pleasant and bright ambiance.

  1. A Touch Of Green: 

While decorating a nursery for your kids; it is always recommended to add a touch of natural plantations in the form of small home plants and fresh flowers nicely arranged in beautiful vases. Not only indoor plantations will make the nursery an allergy free zone but also provide extreme freshness and a sense of calmness all around.

  1. Wall Art: 

Beautiful wall hangings and gorgeous mirrors will further add to the beauty of the nursery. If you are looking to set up an unconventional nursery; try adding vintage themed décor to it.Kids love to paste stickers to the walls so reserving a small space for your kids in the nursery where they can put up stickers of their favorite cartoon characters. For those kids who love to read; adding a beautiful old fashioned bookrack in the corner of the nursery will also be a great addition to its décor.

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5 Best Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home Décor!

There is a continuing pattern in the stylistic layout, and it isn’t about recognizing what’s new; actually, the exact inverse. Adding collectibles to the blend is dependably an extraordinary outline decision fusing a touch of vintage into your home that stands the trial of time.

Together, the two strengths are known for adopting a courageous strategy to interiors with splendid hues and layered surfaces, all compared with pieces from memorable periods that include a component of shock and enchantment. Regardless of whether your home’s look is modern, rural, contemporary or transitional, sprinkling storied pieces into your darling spaces makes them considerably more uncommon.

A home decorated with vintage objects radiates a feeling of solace and appeal. It likewise tackles a noteworthy issue which a number of us have been confronted with or will confront, the quandary of clearing out an expansive family home and deal with what’s of significant worth, what ought to be kept, what ought to be sold.

You may need to settle on some intense choices. There’s definitely no point keeping something that you’re either not going to utilize or not going to show. An excessive number of people store away their heirlooms since it’s quite troublesome to fuse into your modern stylistic layout or in light of the fact that you feel it’s too valuable to be utilized. But now it’s time to make a decision about these things.

Once you sort these things, the next step is to incorporate them in your modern décor. Here are 5 ways in which you can incorporate antiques into your home décor.

home decor

Practical Suggestions on Making Small Spaces Appear Larger

In most urban environments there is huge pressure on space, and homes can really be quite small for the majority of people. It can be extremely challenging to convert a few hundred square feet to an open and airy atmosphere. However, if the process is adequately and properly thought out, it is possible for even a small space to be as functional and beautiful as a larger one. Some practical tips on how to decorate small spaces to lend them a more spacious effect:

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are really wonderful for creating the illusion of space because of their ability to reflect light and thereby produce a sense of openness. When you have a space that is cramped it can be very helpful to place a large mirror opposite a window. Make the mirror oversize so that it will reflect more light and perhaps a more pleasant view of what can be seen through it. When a window is placed like this it creates the illusion of the space having more windows than it really does and thus it looks bigger.

use mirror

5 Accessories that Make It Easy to Serve Dinner

Dining area is one of the most important sections of your home and should never look boring. A dining table is usually one of the most vibrant and colorful areas in the house because of the different colors of fruits, veggies and other accessories that decorate the table. In today’s busy lifestyle, the only time that families get to spend some time together is on the dining table which makes it even more special.

Given the importance of this section, it should be turned into a visual delight. Like natural factors affect your dining choice, so do the accessories that are laid on and around the dining table. While some come in handy during meals, others may just be present to give an aesthetic feel to the whole affair. Choosing the right accessories for your dining area also reflects on your personality. If your dining area appears drab and lonely, hardly anyone would like to enjoy a meal there. So pep up your dining space with nice accessories and give it a new look!

Some of the accessories that can bring great transformation to your dining area are listed below:

1. Napkins and Towels

These are very essential in the dining space. To keep you safe from spoiling your clothes while eating and keeping the area around you neat and tidy, keep a handful of towels and napkins on the table. They come in handy at all times and can be kept in many creative ways that will look lovely on the dining table.

Napkins and Towels

Creative & Different uses of Tapestry at Office

Indian wall tapestries are a great way to decorate and make beautify your office. These tapestry are effective and expressive form of Indian artistic creation. These tapestry are crafted with beautiful and unique designs and use multiple colors for giving new pattern.

use tapestry at office for wall decor

These skilled and experienced craftsmen work hard to creating new and unique design of Indian wall hangings. They used beautiful and elegant colours in this wall hanging, definitely will match your office decor.

How we do use tapestry at home

When you want to decorate your home, many of effort or thought goes into buying just the right pieces. You can use these tapestries in different ways for decorating your bed room, guest room and dining room.

 home decor with indian tapestry

Now, we are discuss about, how we decorate our home with these tapestry.

1. Bedsheet:– You can use these tapestry as bedsheets at your room. These tapestry are skin friendly, so you can easily use these tapestry at your bedroom. Mostly women are prefer king size and queen size tapestry for decor their bed.

How to Spray on Tie-Dye a T-shirt

You Can use spray for making new design on your wall hanging, scarf, t-shirt, tote bag and many other fabri. You can make new and pretty design on your clothes which gives beautiful and stylish look.

How to Spray on Tie-Dye

How to Decor Your Wall with Tapestry

This is Unique and simple way to decorate your room wall. On tapestries many sizes and design are available, so you can easily choose tapestry according your choice or room’s need. Firstly you have to choose a beautiful design or patterns on tapestries.

how to decor your wall with tapestry

How to Paint Terracotta Flower Pots

Terracotta flower pots are available in various shapes and sizes but mostly are clay pots are very simple looking. If you want to change your clay pots looks than read this article. You can easily paint your clay pots and make it beautiful and stylish looking.

How to Paint Terracotta Flower Pots