2019 Bathroom Painting Tips

A bathroom is perhaps one of the most underappreciated parts of your home. This is the place where you wash and get fresh every day, and yet many of you forget to include it in your home décor ideas. If you have just bought a new home or you shifted into one, you must avoid this mistake and make your bathroom memorable.

The first thing you can do is to ensure that you opt for modern bathroom design. Once you do that, you should think about the paint you ought to add to the bathroom. Though many people opt for simple white, you can be more creative and try a few new colors. Sounds interesting? Read on to know 2020 bathroom painting tips, and you’ll do fine.
Light Matters

The first thing you need to remember while painting a bathroom is to decide the color choice on the basis of available light. If the bathroom doesn’t have much exposure to natural light, you may have no choice but to go for light colors to make the bathroom look more spacious and feel bright. You can ask the experts like Vancouver painters to help you with the color preference if you choose light colors.

Remember the Finish

The second thing you need to remember is the finish of the paint. The paint option you choose must be durable and high quality. It is essential that the paint is able to stand up to moisture as moisture is almost always present in the bathrooms. It is smart to opt for mold-resistant and wipeable that’s perfect for the surface you choose, be it the bathroom accessories or the walls.


Consider These Colors


If you want people to notice and remember your bathroom for long, you should opt for the blue-black scheme that adds a new shine to a bathroom with a lot of natural light and high ceiling. You can enhance the beauty of this option by going for marble tiles for the flooring and go an extra mile by painting the ceiling in color too.


The Vintage Option

In case you want to add a vintage feel to your bathroom, you should add coral with muddy green-grey to your bathroom. The bathroom painted with these color options won’t only look appealing and bold, but it will also be easy to live with. This option is wonderful for those who like pink but already have too much of it in other rooms.


The Warm Look

If you want the bathroom to look warm and inviting because it doesn’t have ample natural light, you should go for grey-white option. This is a new addition to the all-white option that looks good and will last for years. In case you think that the bathroom might not look bright enough after the paint, buy some amazing bathroom accessories and storage products to brighten the space.


Be Bright

People who love bold and bright colors and are not hesitant to admit the same should go for citrus yellow color in the bathroom. And no, we are not asking you to paint all the walls in this color. You can create a nice look by adding this color to one wall and match it with while tiles & paintwork as well as some splashes or grey.


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