Top 10 Online Seed Providers in India

E-commerce has included everything in it, from clothes to electronics, books, household articles and anything you can think of. This burgeoning surge of electronic shopping has also incorporated farming products now. It has been a part of e-commerce giants in developed countries for very long. In India, it is now possible or farmers to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other tools as they are getting access to smartphones and internet.

Therefore, we have made a list of top 10 online seed providers in India to make it easy for farmers to choose.

  1. Farmkey

Farmkey has emerged as the most widely accessible app which provides a broad range of items needed for farming. It includes everything from seeds to equipments for our farmers. They have funneled their services on keeping a wide variety of seeds as there is also a great variety of farming in India. From vegetables to cereal, flower and fodder they have everything that a farmer may require. With a humongous collection of seeds, they are able to fulfill the needs of Indian farmers.

Using this app, farmers will be able to get their hands on some of the most highly-productive seeds with which they’ll be able to enhance the yield. Farmkey does not only show them a wide variety of seeds, it also delivers them on the doorsteps no matter how remote the area is. Seeds are an essential part of farming, their quality determines how good the harvest would be. Today, there are genetically modified seeds available which are impervious to any kinds of pests. Farmkey makes all types of seeds available to our farmers at very cheap rates.

  1. Kalash Seeds

Kalash seeds has been providing good quality of seeds to farmers to farmers across the nation for many years now. This company has also broadened its reach to farmers in remote through various programs. They also have a separate wing for research and development which keeps them ahead in bringing new things for our farmers.

  1. Kaveri Seeds

Kaveri seeds has done an amazing job in reaching out to farmers with GM seeds and many other products that are useful for them. This company has been a cynosure for many farmers in many states, it has been able to provide quality products to a large number of farmers across the nation through their extensive promotion campaigns.

  1. Krishidhan

Krishidhan has paid special attention to research programs and has employed biotech solutions to provide better quality of seeds to farmers. Their focus has been on cotton, cereals, oil seeds, pulses and they have contributed greatly in commercialized seed industry of India.

  1. Nuziveedu Seeds

Nuziveedu seeds has also tried to reach out to farmers of the remotest areas in India. Their work has been remarkable in terms of research and innovation, they have also contributed to infrastructure development for the farmers so they get easy access to various other facilities.

  1. Rasi Seeds

Rasi seeds is doing a fantastic job in collaborating with various organizations and providing seeds to farmers at a cheaper price. They have also been instrumental in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs and have made efforts to make basic facilities available to farmers.

  1. Nurserylive

Nurserylive focuses chiefly on horticultural practices and provides a broad range of seeds of gardening plants. They have commercialized their operations quite impressively by involving a great range of products such as pots, seeds, bulbs, pebbles, soils, fertilizers and categorized gifts for corporate and households.

  1. Biocarve Seeds

Biocarve seeds operates globally, deals in all kinds of seeds for flowers and vegetables. They have also focused on widening the network of distributors which give many small-time seed providers to enhance their business. They have also conducted several events to encourage mass tree-planting activities.

  1. Kraftseeds

Kraftseeds does not only provide a large collection of gardening plants and vegetables, they also spread awareness about plantation. Their collection includes seeds of indigenous and exotic plants, vegetables, flower bulbs, manure, tools and garden accessories.

  1. Plantsmans

Plantsmans provides all types of seeds with a special focus on home gardening. They provide assorted seed kits and a large variety of hybrid seeds. The range of flower bulbs they provide is quite impressive with very reasonable rates as well. The provide material for farming and home gardening both.

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