Common Mistakes in Making a Business Logo

The logo becomes part of the most influential marketing strategies because people most likely identify products’ company after a series of noticing due to the notable logo.  It cannot be denied that the power of the logo, which is to distinguish your company from any other competitors, is effective.

Many people already look at the brand’s logo whenever they go to shopping malls or even just looking for a beautiful product that soon they will be purchasing.

Yes! In running a business, a logo is a must-have to all companies regardless of brand.  With your logo, it will help the company to communicate with its clients.  With the help of the logo, you are indirectly selling and sealing your product towards their standards.

Despite this primary purpose of the logo, many brands fail to design their logo well.  And through this, it results in numerous consequences which your brand needs to face already.

To avoid failing the design logo, these are the common mistakes that you should adhere in not following:

The use of Fonts

Many things have become part of the font problems.  First and foremost, it happens when you choose fonts which are competing with each other.

How does this happen?

It usually happens if, within a logo, there are many words on it.  And to resolve this, take note on the chance that people likely contextualize fonts in making a logo that follows the feature font to highlight the most important word or words.

Just, for instance, the words which are secondary important like the year or the likes choose simple fonts on it.

Aside from that, fonts become a problem too whenever there are many characters which you displayed.  In a logo, if there are a lot of fonts that vies the attention of your customers, it is not pleasing in the eye already.

In result, this will lead to unfocused retention within the mind of the customers.

Appropriate Graphics and design

There is a web logo already that changes its official logo because of the graphics they have utilized.

Upon choosing the graphics of your brand, make sure that it is distinguished to your other competitor just like the old Google logo who seemed to look like the logo of Yahoo formerly.

Aside from that, the use of exclamation point by Yahoo was already copied by the former logo of Google.  In totality, there are resemblances between the two. It defeats already the purpose of making a logo to create a distinct brand identity.

Take a pitch to design the company’s logo because another design that needs to be considered is its appropriateness.  The symbol which your logo should have must be suitable on the field that belongs.

Just like for instance, the delta symbol of Reebok.   Instead of seeing it as a sports company, the logo which is used is more suitable for banks already.  Although some do not notice it, there are chances that others had.

Include in this case the use of color within the logo.  It is because once you have plenty of colors and it is not flexible to any possible marketing design you will be making in the future like engaging to Shieldco lobby signs, business signage, or even customized signage, it fails to communicate well to your customers.

Forgets to Add memorable component

It is part of the advantages of branding logo that it should have its differentiation.  So, make the logo memorable.

How to make this possible?

Primarily, you need to contemplate on what component that makes your logo memorable towards the mind of your business.

Other settle for punning, but there is much more useful other than that. And that is, using a figure that connects the nature of your business.

As an example, take a look at coffee shop logos wherein they have used cup and saucer to connect the name of their company towards the nature of their business.

If your business is related to restaurant, you may use fork and spoon, and the likes, depending on what is your brand name.  It is essential because people are more inclined to visual appeals.  They tend to remember things based on what could catch their eyes.

If you fail to pass this, chances are, your logo will just be recalled within a short period.


It takes the combination of both courage and intelligence in making your logo.  There should be a difference in how you can compete in the industry.

Once you make logo give allowance to any other possibility of expanding your marketing strategy in the future.

If you wish to get on signage, take on shield and get a good deal.  If you have a time constraint, check on time-tested tips to rid your financial worries. Investing for logo first will soon assure your company of competing in its field of industry.

About the Author:

Rebecca Nelson is a freelance creative writer. Her experience in business and digital marketing coupled with an interest in tech entrepreneurship makes her a fine contributor in the field of business and internet marketing.

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