How To Care About Your Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold-plated jewellery is just as delightful as traditional gold or silver one. There are many supporters of this type of jewellery, but does everyone of them know how to care it and deal with it every day? It is well-known that precious metals have the advantage of being long-lived compared to gold-plated jewellery.

Is this the reason to give up gold-plated accessories that are cheaper and look stunning? Of course, it is not, if you know how to care it to enjoy it for a long time. This article will provide you some essential tips that may be useful in order to taking care of the gold-plated jewellery to have the ability to enjoy it for a very long time without spending a fortune.

  1. Sealed packing
  2. Avoid perfume and water
  3. Use cleaning wipes
  4. Home methods

Sealed Packing

A lot of jewellery experts recommend to have a separate place for each type of jewellery. When it comes to 18k gold plated jewellery, such as earrings, rings, pendants or bracelets, it is worth having a tightly closed bag or box. When storing plated jewellery, it is worth using pleasant materials to not damage the items. In addition, the packaging should not have contact with the air to for better maintenance. The most suitable material for storing gold-plated jewellery is definitely cotton.

Avoid perfume and water

Gold-plated baubles should be kept away from water. Unfortunately, water mattes jewellery significantly making it not as shiny as at the beginning. What is more, assuming gilded earrings or pendants are wearing in the neckline area, it is worth to remember not to perfume these places because perfume destroys 18k gold plated jewellery very easily and it can cause rapid loss of colours.

Use cleaning wipes

If you want to take care of gold-plated jewellery, you must have materials that will not damage the surface of gold-plated baubles. For cleaning this type of jewellery, the best solution will be using the special cleaning wipes. Those professional wipes are dedicated to cleaning gold-plated jewellery and you are able to buy them from a jeweller who will also explain you how to provide the special care of such piece of jewellery. Moreover, you may get them also at online store.

Home methods

If you do not have opportunity to get professional cleaning wipes, you may try one of the home methods. If you have wrinkled 18k gold plated bracelets, chains and other gold-plated items put them into a small, narrow jar and pour the following mixture: dissolve 50 g of soap flakes with 5 g soda or a few drops of ammonia. Close the jar and shake it for a few moments (about 1-2 minutes). After this time, remove the gold plated items and rinse thoroughly under running warm water.

The gold-plated jewellery is as popular as silver or gold. It is also much less expensive than jewellery made of precious materials. However, it requires special care that may be achieved be applying rules from this article.

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