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Five Hunting Tips for a First-Timer

Hunting is one of those activities that can be classed as both a pastime and a sport. People get pretty enthusiastic and serious about hunting, stocking up on all the latest gear and gadgets depending on how avid a hunter they are. So, what about the first-time hunter? Likely they have a lot of questions and even a bit of anxiety about what to expect. If this sounds like you and you’re preparing to go on your first hunting adventure, then you’re going to want to take a look at these five tips that can help you out.

Five Hunting Tips for a First-Timer

Great Morocco Forts an Attraction of Ancient Times

With the beautiful costliness, High series of Mountains, beautiful villages & towns, Morocco is one of the best countries in beauty. To get the fresh air of Moroccan oceanic beaches and the warm breeze of Sahara desert, Plan minimum 10-day tour in Morocco holidays. You will experience a unique blend of cultures and traditions in Morocco.

Virikson Morocco Holidays offers a lot to its visitors such as the soft sandy beaches, Barber villages, the oceanic coastlines, beautiful cities where markets are amazingly presenting their antique values.

Great Morocco Forts an Attraction of Ancient Times

Morocco has many ancient places which elaborate the past times when these were built many years ago. Some of the very famous Morocco fortresses are described below:

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Morocco

Full of colors, warmth and wondrous country where visitors love to hangout and enjoy their holidays. It’s been a great destination for thousands of visitors for discovering the endless desert dunes and the High Atlas Mountains. In the Northwest of Africa, morocco is really an adventurous African country with doorstep scenery and craggy heights of dunes.

In a timeless journey and a tranquil world of enjoyment, you need to get to morocco for experiencing the amazing waterfalls, mountain valleys, and ancient forts. This captivating country is an amalgamation of the African and Arab worlds and is immersed in age-old customs. It’s no miracle that Morocco has been renowned by its talented artists and writers for periods and continues to captivate all who visit this beautiful country with such a great passion for exploring it.

For remote countryside’s and barber villages, travelers take some quad vehicles for visiting and discovering the ancient beauty and sites that are never revealed before.

Tourist Attractions in Morocco

Hotels In Mumbai: Perfect Blend of Style With Modernity

Known to be the “Gateway of India“, the city of Mumbai ushers the significance of unity in diversity. This is because it treasures people who belong to different communities, economic backgrounds, religion and customs. It is even acknowledged to be the “City of Dreams“due to the influence of Hindi Film industry that has won the hearts of millions.

hotel in mumbai

A Way To Make Some Sweet Memories In Dubai

One of the most occurring places on the world is Dubai. Dubai is generally known for its beauties and elegance in the whole world. The city has much to offer its tourists and has great variety to please them during their trip. Everyone wants to have great time when out in the city and the following text is designed on the same lines for its readers to get some idea for a perfect trip.

Burj Of Khalifa

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai – One Look

Palm Jumeirah-Where on earth it is?

Palm Jumeirah is the awe-inspiring artificial island created using land reclamation by Nakheel, which is a company owned by the Dubai goverment. And this magnificient island is designed and developed by Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects Inc. There are 3 wonderful island in this group, and collectively they are called Palm islands (Palm Deira, Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah) which would have expanded into the Persian Gulf, and it enhances shoreline of Dubai, by 52 kms (320 mi). Of all the three, Palm Jumeirah is the smallest and the original Palm island, originally under development by Nakheel.

Palm Jumeirah dubai HD images

Palm Jumeirah- Where is it located?

5 Awesome Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

If you have ever wished to visit those beautiful sceneries surrounded by lofty mountains and have dreamt of a romantic vacation with your beloved in a place where you can admire her beauty and compare it to the stunning natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh is the place for you to fulfill all your dreams. Himanchal Pradesh is a state in India which is an epitome of natural beauty.

Himachal Pradesh has been a favorite summer vacation spot for years because of its remarkable natural beauty. Now when summers have started and its already too hot in the north regions of the country people are planning to travel Himachal Pradesh be it with their beloved or whole family including kids but it’s for sure an amazing vocational spot.

During summers Himachal remains fully packed throughout the season so it is not the time to think it’s the time to act, just start booking the hotels right now but don’t forget to take the advantage of best hotel deals which could save you a lot of money.

There are many places in Himachal you can visit in Himachal Pradesh for a peaceful and calm vacation.

Let us have a look at those places:

Shimla: Shimla is one of the very famous hill stations of India which remain flooded with tourists and domestic people throughout the year. In summers you will get to enjoy the scenic beauty, in monsoon you will get to enjoy dense greenery in the city. Autumns allow you take the luxurious feel while winters drive skiers from all over the world due to heavy layering of snow. The famous places to visit are Chadwick Waterfalls, Daranghati Sanctuary, Tara Devi Temple, Windflower Hall, George castle, Shimla state museum etc.

Shimla picture

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best vacation hot spots having high rise shopping malls and buildings that have turned it into destination du-jour where people come for sales bargains, family fun and sunshine. It is famous for sightseeing attraction as Burj Khalifa, shopping malls and others that have aquariums including ski slopes. Besides all this, the city has cultural highlights including glamorous world and add-ons. You can see old Dubai if you visit Bastakia district and can also cruise Dubai Creek.

There are many other places to visit in Dubai but here we are telling you about 10 top rated tourist destinations of Dubai.

Burj Khalifa : Burj Khalifa is the landmark building of Dubai which is known as the tallest building in the world around 829.8m. If you ever visit the Burj Khalifa, you must go observation deck on 124th floor. The view from the building is staggering. The slick observation includes a multi-media presentation on Dubai as well as on Burj Khalifa. Night time visits are also famous and popular with photographers because of Dubai’s best city light panoramas. There are also beautiful designed gardens around Burj Khalifa. There is also Dubai Fountain, which is also the tallest performing fountain.

burj khalifa pictures full size

Mumbai Tourism – A Journey From Delhi To Mumbai And Back

Delhi and Mumbai are amongst the most visited cities in the country. Both the cities have something to bring to the table and in the event to have to have to make the travel to the other city, there are ample of means of transport. This article talks about the accessibility of the cities and shines a light on the tourism of Mumbai.

Mumbai Tourism

Mumbai is a city with everything you could ask for. With ultra rich history reflected in its mass and magnificent British built structures across the city, historical sights for sightseeing, beaches, the most modern infrastructures, temples – both ancient and newly made, the most extravagant lifestyle and home to the Indian film industry, “Bollywood”.

The influence of Bollywood rubs on the streets of Mumbai where you could see people dressed up as stars and impersonating them, almost like Las Vegas where the streets of Nevada are flooded by an Elvis Presley impersonator in every street corner.

Mumbai is almost mesmerizing in many ways and people from every corner of India especially small towns, dream of the day they will get a chance to see the city of Mumbai.

Flights, trains and buses are available to every part of the country. Although people from long distance usually opt the means of trains or flights, there are also by road facilities available to places as far as Delhi! You can book a New Delhi to Mumbai taxi which will take you almost 30 hours for a one way trip.

The time of travel may vary depending on the speed of travel and the number of stops made during the journey. Although this is a very uncommon and expensive means of travel and not to forget a whole lot more time consuming, there are quite a handful who prefer the thrill of the journey and prefer this means of transport.

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, so it is only natural that it is a place visited by many on business purposes. There are likewise a considerable measure of business inns for business guests to the city who come here for conferences and traditions.

Extravagance visitors favor staying in inns in south mumbai like the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel or the Trident Hotel which are near real vacation spots in the city. Furthermore, there are additionally a couple budget friendly hotels accessible for hikers.

Mumbai is a vast city so booking your hotel rooms prior your visit will be to your benefit instead of treading along every shady street corners in the lookout for a budget friendly hotel in the dark.

The Supernatural Effect – The spooky places in Kolkata

Kolkata is famously known as the ‘Cultural Capital of the Country’ and is known for its literary, art and works of culture. This ancient city is also home to various fabulous structures, havelis and excellent landmarks.

Like other big cities, Kolkata also has its share supernatural and paranormal stories circling among the general population. Let’s take a look at some of the spooky places in Kolkata.


While many people have encountered paranormal experience and shocking sightings and trust them in all seriousness, but for the general public these are minor bits of gossip. Nonetheless, it has encouraged the so called ‘ghost hunters’ to research the reality behind these stories.

The paranormal has attracted people from all corners of the country and even if you want to do the same, you can take Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore to Kolkata flights. Let’s take a look at some of these spooky places in Kolkata.


South Park Cemetery – As if the name cemetery itself is insufficient to unnerve the hell out of you, the huge iron gates, tall trees, the exceptionally old tombs and the ear-splitting hush that will send you shudders down your spine. Specked with graves bearing British names, local people swear that they have spotted a secretive white shadow like figure in the spot during the wee hours and late nights.

Peculiar frightening sightings have been accounted by individuals endeavoring to snap pictures inside the burial ground, however all such occurrences haven’t any existence of a white shadow. This is the thing that prompts the people living in nearby areas keep away from the burial ground.

National Library – the National Library is a larger treasure ground for book lovers attracting people from all over the world. However, the place is also considered as one of the most haunted places in the city of Kolkata. It is said that during the remodelling of the old parts of the library during the British rule, numerous laborers lost their lives in a mishap. It is believed that their spirits drift around that region, as minor development issues in the building get tackled inexplicably.

This building which was at one time the residence of the lieutenant of Bengal is likewise accepted to be haunted by the soul of his wife, whose strides are heard by the people, as she goes around inspecting the rooms just the same way she did when she was alive. Another hypothesis expresses that this library is haunted by a spirit of a Bengali student who got died before finishing his research papers.

Hastings House – The place that served to be British lieutenant, Sir Warren Hastings house is today known as the most spooky place in the entire town. Today, the Hastings House is an institute offering teachers training to ladies. Different paranormal experiences and spooky sightings have been sighted for from this spot.

It is said that Warren Hastings visits the grounds looking for some of his documents, frequently with his wife and kids in a chariot. Some say that on New Year’s eve, Hastings comes here looking for his missing office desk, one of his prized belonging.