Why Jawai is one of the Biggest Wildlife Hotspots in Rajasthan?

Besides palaces, ruins, lakes, deserts, camels, and colorful culture, Rajasthan also offers a great range of wildlife for the tourists who come to see this diverse land. Jawai is one of those places that give you an opportunity to see wilderness in a different environment. But to see this region closely and make the most of your trip, you need to book your safari with Jawai leopard safari camp. Because we are the only tour operator who tries to bring people closer to this land. We make sure that Jawai leopard camp remains adventurous, comfortable, and luxurious for our guests.

jawai leopard safari

For assuring that, we have tailored our Jawai leopard safari in such a way that it becomes the most thrilling and memorable moment in your life. We enable our guests to enjoy the leopard safari in Bera as well as the other contiguous places where you can see the tribes living their technology in the most mundane way. We take the onus of making leopard safari in Bera, Rajasthan impressive for every single individual with an intriguing ride and customizable packages. With these attributes, we give our guests an unforgettable memory that brings them back to this region again.

Things that make Jawai Leopard Safari Camp special

There are various other tour operators who provide safari and stay with glamping tents. We are the ones who take the level of service one step ahead and make things much better for people who want to enjoy wildlife and spend some quality time with their friends, family or by themselves. With us, you get the gist of this region and also get to live your life among some great creatures such as leopards, hyenas, crocodiles, foxes, wolves, jungle cats, nilgai, sloth bear, and multiple species of migratory birds. By seeing these creatures, you get to see a different aspect of our planet, you get to learn the basics of survival when you see wildlife.

We help you get the firsthand experience of this region that gives you so much to see and explore. Besides the adventure, we also give you the finest glamping tents to stay and with them, you feel every bit of luxury. Our tents are spacious from inside and they are equipped with every modern amenity that you could ask for. Furthermore, our concierge ensures that you do not face any issues throughout your stay, we provide you organic food that is not just delicious but also very healthy and grown right at our property. When it comes to security, you don’t have to worry about any wild animal trespassing the property as the whole property is supervised with CCTV cameras and armed guards.

How do we make your trip more enjoyable?

As mentioned above, a guest can enjoy his/her stay or safari to the fullest as we make it very easy and cost-effective as well. Our safari can be afforded by solo travelers as well as they can opt for a sharing ride and if you are already coming in a group, then there is nothing that you need to worry about. We customize our safari and stay packages making sure that you do not face any issues when you are planning your trip. If you just want to do safari without choosing to stay, you can do that, and if you want to stay with multiple mates in a single room, we make it possible for you.

In the evening, we arrange bonfire for you which can be enjoyed with scrumptious sizzlers and main course along with your favorite brand of scotch, whiskey, beer, etc. Thus, you can make the most of your tour with us and can have a great time with your friends and loved ones. We make it possible for you to indulge in merrymaking with drinks and food, we are also ready to make any sort of arrangements. Our motto is to make your tour fun and safe and leave no stone unturned to make this possible. With our staff, you get to make the most of your holiday or weekend excursion, we allow you every privilege that you could possibly imagine.

Unmatched services to deliver 100% satisfaction

When we serve our guests, we make sure that they are duly satisfied with our services and to ensure that we give you top of the line facilities and allow you to enjoy your tour the way you want. We make no mistakes in identifying your needs and readily customize services according to them. Our promptness has impressed many guests and has us a chance to get some amazing compliments from them. We ensure that our guests could feel the rhythm of nature and could enjoy the subtlety of it. Every member of our staff is aware of this region very well and they entertain our guests with plenty of anecdotes related to Jawai.

To make the experience wholesome, we make the attention of our guests to the very core of this land, its granite hills, river and the hill temples that have endless stories to tell. With them, we give a chance to all the visitors to feel this realm and to get the unadulterated experience of seeing this land. We give a warm welcome to our guests and make the duration that they spend with us, mindblowing. We allow them to see the leopards, birds, crocodiles and all the other fauna very closely, they also get a great chance to capture the wildlife in their camera. With us, they get a chance to make wildlife an escape from our busy lives.

Give us a chance to serve

Jawai Leopard Safari Camp invites to visit Jawai and give us a chance to serve, we promise that we will not disappoint you. We assure that you will spend your time praising the beauty of this land and seeing the wildlife from a very closer distance with us. Our trained rangers take you all those hotspots where you can easily see leopards, birds and the other animals. You get plenty of time to do amateur or even professional wildlife photography, if you plan to visit Jawai, do it with us and we will make your trip the most memorable time of your life.

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