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If You have these Traits, Bachelor of Fashion Design is the Course for You!

Thanks to the changing preferences in students seeking higher education, Bachelor of Fashion Design is becoming a course of choice. With more and more students seeking to get admission into the course, the demand for the course is growing rapidly. Many universities have spotted the trend and have begun to offer Bachelor of Fashion Design as a course to pursue higher education.

Bachelor of Fashion Design

How To Take Good Care Of Your Diamond Nose Ring?

Diamonds make us look attractive, but we really need to pay even after we have paid the money for it. This payment is in the form of care that it needs for a lifetime. Here are some of the important points that you should keep in your mind if you want to take good care of your latest nose ring.


The first and a direct thing that you could do in order to clean your diamond nose ring is cleaning. This is not just a step, but you should make this as a practice if you want your diamond nose ring to be in good condition. Now, the cleaning processes depends on the type of diamond and the type of nose ring you have. If it is a piercing, it is in direct contact with the nose. Hence it needs to be cleaned regularly in the initial stage. After some time, you could shift this routine to alternate days.

Interesting Facts About Tattoos

If you are going to draw tattoos on your body then this post is for you. Please read the post from begin to end to know everything about Tattoos.

10 Facts About Tattoos:

I Can't Donate Blood Because I Have a Tattoo.

How To Apply Oil to Hair Women

Is Oiling Good or Bad for Hair?

Dealing with your hair is vital, in spite of daily tiring schedule. Voluminous hair gives one a decent look together with the help in identity and highlights your spoiling nature. In hurrying hours, where looking great in wellbeing and clothing has turned into a need, we are overlooking the most critical piece of your look.

Is oiling good or bad for hair

Oiling your hair is great workout for your curls to develop and pick up strength. In spite of the fact that the technique for applying and usage of oil has developed, oiling for long and solid hair is still taken after from the antiquated times.

The scalp has its own way of creating normal oil giving nourishment to developing hair. The measure of hair oil applied then turns into a concerned matter. These hair oil are rich in Vitamin E and equalizations the ph level of the scalp. Luxury oil don’t require over the top rubbing yet applying them before a hour of washing adds the volume and to recapture the strength lost because of different chemical treatments.

Oiling hair routinely is the best treatment towards hair issues. Hair issues, which incorporate male pattern baldness, split closures, frizz, bluntness, thinning and turning gray of hair, has a single solution – Oiling.

Hair Grow

Hair growth when they are sufficiently given nourishment to manage. Despite the fact that, hair is only a protein strand, it likewise requires vitamins and different essentials. Rubbing twice every week will recapture whatever hair loses during the time spent curling, ironing and synthetic medications.

Rubbing helps in opening of pores and better absorption of oil. It additionally encourages blood circulation and in this manner relieves and unwinds you. Oiling fortifies attaches and prompting solid hair development.

Prevent Bacteria

Clogging of pores on scalp can have minor to real issues when they get tainted with microscopic organisms or growths. These bacteria and fungi gives food and gives suitable environment for hair lice development and dandruff. Furthermore, can be the real reason for male pattern baldness or hair fall. On the off chance that the scalp is getting tender and there are some red spots you should visit a dermatologist. Alongside the scalp, hair can get red.

Relax mind and body

Rubbing scalp and hair with lukewarm oil helps rejuvenate because of medicines. It likewise relaxes nerves in brain, along these lines encouraging blood circulation in head range. Frequently oiling hair before washing and keeping hot towel wrapped around the head for 20-30 minutes will better ingestion by reinforcing the roots. Our mind is the starting point of every one of our exercises, and oiling relieves vessels and nerves in cerebrum.

Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is the result of dry scalp. Dry scalp stretches and breaks causing dandruff. Oil secreting glands present at the epidermal cells of scalp produce no or low natural oil in presence of dandruff. Massaging help these glands to produce oil keeping the scalp nourished. Although too much of oil can hinder the growth, regular washing off with mild shampoo and using a quality conditioner can then help you cater this problem.

Dandruff is the consequence of dry scalp. Dry scalp stretches and breaks bringing on dandruff. Oil secreting glands present at the epidermal cells of scalp produces no or low regular oil in presence of dandruff. Rubbing offer these organs to deliver oil keeping the scalp some assistance with nourishing. Albeit a lot of oil can obstruct the development, general washing off with mellow cleanser and utilizing quality conditioner can then help you provide food this problem. 

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Best hair extension supplier in Dubai

Artificial hair integration is commonly known as hair extensions, addlength to human hair.  If you need long hair, but don’t have thepatience to wait around for them to grow? Then try new hairextensions! Natural looking hair extensions are not only naturallooking, but are simple to apply yourself.

Vipin hair extensions are one of the leading wholesale supplier of natural human hair extensions in the Dubai providing 100% quality Remy hair at most reasonable prices.

vipin hair extension in dubai

Four Types of Jewelry You Should Buy at Online Auctions

jawellaryThe life of a jewelry lover is so much fun- no matter what your jewelry preferences and budget are there is so much you can wear. But buying jewelry, especially if you’re into gold and precious gems, can be somewhat of a hassle. You have to choose designs, find the best prices, determine authenticity and do so much more. With London Gallery Auctions, you can buy exquisite designs at great prices from the comfort of your home. To find out more on how to order jewelry and what kind of pieces we specialize in, read on.

Our auctions feature a wide range of jewelry designs, but there are some that we (and our clients) love the most.

Cocktail Rings

We are huge fans of cocktail rings, and so our most jewelry fans, because they are such a great way to make a statement. With a cocktail ring, you can wear a simple dress and minimal jewelry and still look great. Almost all of our auctions feature multiple cocktail rings you can choose from. Head to our upcoming auctions page to find what cocktail rings we will be auctioning this month.

Diamond Jewelry

We love all kinds of gems and stones, but diamonds are definitely our best friends. From huge statement necklaces to delicate earrings, we have it all when it comes to diamonds. What you will like best depends on your taste, what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. At our luxury auction on March 1, we are auctioning a sparkling Diamond Star Pendant and Lace Link Chain Necklace Set bids for which start at $300. We have a variety of diamond pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, and bids start at great prices for all.

Vintage/Vintage-style Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is jewelry that was crafted twenty or more years ago. What we love best about vintage jewelry is that buying a vintage item means you are getting the best possible as far as quality is concerned. For a piece to survive over twenty years, it has to be well built. Not only is vintage jewelry a great investment, but it’s also an item that is likely to last a very long time so be careful when choosing what you’re going to buy.

Engagement Rings

A proposal is never complete without a ring and that is why we love auctioning engagement rings that signify your love for your better half.

Our pick for a must have engagement ring this season is an enchanting Radiant Diamond Two Tone Gold Engagement Ring that is set to go live on auction on 1st March 2020. This gorgeous ring features a radiant shaped diamond surrounded by forty-five round brilliant cut diamond sides- we just can’t take our eyes off it and neither will you be able to.

How to Control Heavy Hair Fall

Have you ever thought why we suffer from hair fall even if we care for them a lot? There are many other hidden reasons behind the same, not only for women but in some or the other way, men also suffer from this problem.

Reasons Behind Heavy Hair Fall

With the usage of hair products like gels, colors, conditioners, sprays, etc the hair life decreases ,which can cause stopping of the hair growth .Ill treating the hair by not combing it properly, changing hair partings frequently, using straighteners, curlers regularly are also some of the reasons for heavy hair falls.

Reasons Behind Heavy Hair Fall

Hair Tips of winter

We all know that in the winter keeping your hair feeling and looking good is a task in its self show the time to start thinking about ways to protect your hair from the damage that the winter element can cause.

hair tips for winter 2020

Here is the tips that will help you maintain healthy, beautiful hair the season:

Diwali Discount on Hair Exteansions in India

Best & High Quality Hair Extensions 2020

Tape extension is the most popular & innovative hair extension method on the market and 100% genuine, comfortable, lightweight and invisible. Anyone can wear tape extensions. At least your hair around 4 inches long or longer, you will be able to wear tape extensions. Vipin hair extensions are 100% virgin Remy hair extensions & will last over 9 months with proper care.

hair extentions

Tape in Hair extensions/Vipin hair extension:

Tapes in hair extensions are the most popular hair extension method on the market & the least damaging. The hair gets sandwiched with your hair, creating thin invisible tape weft bonds/ these are less expensive semi permanent method available on the market. This extension takes very less time to get applied and less than 8 minutes to be removed from your hair! These hair extensions are the most organic hair extensions; they are all genuine, natural, made with hypo-allergenic medical grade tape and require tools for installation.

In this method they are sandwiched between a thin amount of your own hair. This is less damaging hair extension method. Each tape weft is thin & moves with your hair.

Quick Beauty Tips For Everyday Glowing Skin!

Quick Beauty Tips For Everyday Glowing Skin!

Raiding all over the place to get your hands on some serious at-home skin game that upshot a flawless and glowing skin? You’ve stumbled upon to the right place. Check out these quick beauty tips and homemade remedies — which we think following the ethos of harmless and healthy beauty tips – no strong chemicals, easily available ingredients, simple-and-quick to find ingredients and more natural skin care products.

#1 Moisturize 

Soft skin and keeping it supple is constantly on your mind? Then moisturize your skin, because this tip has an odds-on-favorite chance in giving you a beautiful skin. Apply a good moisturizer twice a day after washing your face. Check out the best moisturizer that suits your face at India’s leading online beauty store – Nykaa. For natural ingredients and health care products, you can always count on Healthkart because they bring to you the best of the best products at affordable prices. Check out Healthkart promo code discounts available at GrabOn.

#2 Exfoliate 

Wish to slough those dead skin cells from your face and unleash that gleaming skin? Exfoliate your skin with the right cream twice a week. For oily or acne-prone skin, you may consider using the following products as scrubs to exfoliate your skin:

Lemon juice and salt scrub

Almonds and honey face scrub

#3 Facial massage 

Facial massage is no less to face masks. Facial massages help in making your skin oil free, glowing and acquiring a beautiful skin. Do facial massage a couple of times a week to help skin look its best. It helps in increasing blood circulation. These are some of the natural ingredients you may consider to give yourself a great natural facial massage:

Orange facial massage

Lemon & tomato mix

Potato facial massage

Use Kiwi as a cleanser


#4 Rejuvenate skin 

Curb dullness of the skin, aging and marks by using the right SPF every day. Clean your face with cold water, or splash cold water on your face every day morning so as to get a healthy looking skin. Usage of SPF will also help in preventing future wrinkles, dullness of skin.

#5 DIY tips

At-home facial mask: Mix half mashed papaya, 1 TBSP of honey and 2 TBSP of milk for a simple yet effective face mask that will for sure helps in regaining soft and nourishing skin

To get instant brightness, mix 1 TBSP of honey in 1 egg white. Allow this mix to stay on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Mix 1 TBSP sugar to 1/2 TBSP honey and 2 drops of lemon juice for a DIY exfoliator.

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