Why You Should Start Early for JEE Preparation?

Students who are inclined towardsscience and mathematics should start preparing for their engineering dream as early as possible. The principal reason being it gives them a headstart and keeps them ahead of their peers. JEE is one of the toughest competitive exams in India and calls for an unparalleled dedication. Every year lakhs of students appear in JEE which makes the competition stiff. To top that, the vast syllabus is challenging and needs proper preparation.

Start Early for JEE Preparation

Students need to have a good score in JEE if they wish to study in the best engineering colleges in India like the IITs and NITs. To crack JEE with a good score, students must start preparing early, as early as when they are in class 9. Furthermore, class 9 syllabus has some fundamentals that will be there in JEE exams. Having strong fundamentals right from the start is necessary for a thorough preparation. Many coaching institutes provideJEE coaching for students studying in class 9. The best part is that exams like ANTHE conducted by Aakash Institute provide students with 100% scholarships.Students should apply for online scholarship exams for class 9 such as AN THE for their JEE preparation.

Here are some convincing reasons why students should start early for JEE preparation

  1. Less Pressure

Class 9th students are less pressurisedat both home and school, making it an ideal timetobeginwithJEE preparation.Most students don’t get serious about their studies till class 10th when it’s time for the board exams. It leads students to waste time which can be utilised in strengthening their JEE preparation. The syllabus of class 9 and class 11 also bears a synergy. Even though the vastness and details of class 11 are much more, class 9 syllabus can give a good start to students looking to prepare better. Also, students who join coaching in class 9 will be better prepared when they reach class 11. It’ll be the time when their peers will start preparing. It lessens the pressure and allows students to go through the preparation phase easily.

  1. Makes Students More Serious

When students start preparing for JEE in class 9, they are more seriousby the time they reach in class 11 and 12. They carry the focus required to crack JEE and can study better. Making students ready at an early age can help them in the future. Like it’s said, students can have fun now and struggle later,or they can struggle right now and lead the rest of their lives without worries. Coaching classes condition a student into taking their career seriously and gives them the right platform to execute their studies.

  1. Keeps Students Ahead of the Competition

Students who start preparing for JEE in class 9 have an edge over their peers and stay ahead of the competition. Since they are regularly going to coaching classes, they are better acquainted with the syllabus and know things like tips and tricks. Moreover, students are also in sync with the examination pattern and can attempt the exam in a much better way. At a time when the rest of the students will be busy starting from scratch, students who began preparing early will have the edge over others.

  1. Gives More Time to Students

Most students feel that two years are not enough to prepare for JEE. The level of competition is high,and the syllabus is vast to be finished in two years. When students start preparing for JEE in class 9, they have four full years to dedicate. It becomes easier to crack the exam since students are learning for four years. Students who join coaching classes early will already know most concepts and have strong fundamentals than others andalso have more time to revise and get better at the subjects.

Engineering is the most popular career choice in India. If a student wants to pursue engineering from any of the best colleges in India like the IITs or NITs, they must crack the JEE exam with a good score. Joining a coaching institute that offers online scholarship exams for class 9 earlyhelps students in many ways – from laying down a proper path totheir IIT journey to acquainting them with intricacies of every subject.

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