Last Minute Preparation Tips To Tackle Board Examination

The Board Exam for both Class 10 and 12 are milestones for students that would hold importance forever in their career graph. Be it entrance exams, government jobs or getting into a reputed college, good marks in the board exam always take students a long way. So it is very important for students preparing for their board exams to give their best and remain focused throughout the exam.


When only a few weeks are left for board exams like CBSE and ICSE, students become scared and nervous as it is one of the major exams students appear in their life.

Last Minute Preparation Tips To Tackle 10th and 12 Board Examinations

Here are some last minute preparation tips for students to tackle board examinations who are going to appear in their final examination.


Students must remember that there is nothing new to prepare. Everything they needed to learn has already been taught to them in their class and now it’s only the time for revision. Students should never try to mug up concepts during the last few days and only concentrate on revising the topics they have studied over time. Students are advised not to start any new topic before the final examination as it will only add to the unnecessary stress, instead, they can use that time to revise what they already know.

Mock Tests

Students must try to solve as many mock tests and sample papers as they can before their examination. Solving mock papers will help students understand how prepared they are for the examination. They can self-evaluate themselves and identify their weak sections that need to be improved. Regular practice will also develop the concentration of students and they can remain focused during their final examination. Practicing mock tests regularly will also develop the speed and accuracy of students.

Remain Calm

For many students, it will be their first board examination while for rest it will be their second board exam. It is natural for students to get nervous and get stressed before the examination. But students must remain calm and should be composed during the final days of their exam preparation. Students should discuss all their doubts and fears openly with their teachers and parents. Students can also resort to inspirational activities like yoga and meditation to shed off all negative energy before their examination.

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