5 Best Practices that will Help You Crack IIT JEE

When you are preparing for JEE, you need to plan your study schedule and the study time in a way that you eventually achieve success. There are certain tried and tested practices suggested by exIITians and JEE rank holders. From taking coaching at a reputed institute to enrolling for mock tests, you need a full proof plan.

Study beyond the course books

A thorough study of course books for Class XI and XII is quite important. But, you should not confine your study to curriculum books only. Think beyond course books and broaden your horizon of knowledge by referring to study materials, brush-up sheets, etc. provided by a reputed coaching institute. These notes are presented in a very structured manner. So, each time you are stuck or facing a doubt, you can refer to these notes.

Enroll in a good coaching institute

A coaching institute can help you enhance your learning and performance at the main JEE exam. Mentors at a reputed coaching institutes for JEE Main& Advanced conduct thorough lecture sessions where every concept is explained in detail. They also entertain doubts of students and provide them the best solution within a short timeframe. A trusted coaching institute, like Aakash Institutealso provides focused attention to each student. Several reviews of Aakash Instituteclearly statethe advantage of preparing under the guidance of ace mentors. Therefore, you should alwayslook for reviews of Aakash Institute and other coaching institutes in your city before narrowing down on one.

Enroll for mock test series

Mock tests are precursors to the final entrance test. These tests are patterned on the main test and are prepared by expert faculties who are mostly exIITians and rankers. Taking these tests time and against will enhance problem-solving skills, accuracy and speed of the students. At the same time, some coaching institutes provide a detailed analysis of your score at the end of the test. You get a detailed insight of your score, which will further boost performance.

Allot adequate time for revision

All study and no revision is a wrong approach. IIT toppers and rank holders will vouch for that. They strongly suggest that aspiring engineers should create a balance between study and revision time. Revision proves to be quite helpful and will further improve your grasp on different chapters and concept. You need to revise every subject on a regular basis so that you improve your chances to score better.

Take care of your health

Finally, you need to take a good care of your health. The preparation stage is quite demanding whereinyou will have to dedicate several hours to study in a day. Only when you are enjoying optimal health, you can study in an enthusiastic and dedicated manner. For this, you need to eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise regularly. Exercise will keep you active and at the same time will boost your brain.

When preparing for JEE, it’s better to follow tread a path that was adopted by achievers.

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