Architecture Blends Creativity with Financial Stability

If you are creative, good in drawing, an able communicator, and a hard worker, you should probably opt for a career in architecture. Currently, one of the hottest career options in the country, this five-year professional course is enjoying tremendous popularity amongst creative students who wish for an outlet to vent their creative feelings and earn good money along the way.

Architecture Blends Creativity with Financial Stability

A degree in architecture from top 10 architecture colleges in MP or for that matter top-ranked architecture colleges anywhere else in India is most likely to offer sound career progression, good financial remunerations, enhanced job stability and immense creative satisfaction among others. Architecture deals with the design, planning, and construction of buildings and related physical structure. Sometimes other than buildings, even construction of non-building structures becomes a part of the architecture.

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Course details related to architecture

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) is five years duration undergraduate level degree program. The five-year program is divided into 10 semesters which means two semesters every year. The academic program is usually divided into two stages:

In the first stage (from semester one to six), you will be required to study with more emphasis on theoretical concepts. After the sixth semester, there will be practical training period (6 months long). Students have to gain practical experience during these six months. It is important as practical knowledge of the theory you have learned so far is important to be a successful professional. The second phase starts after the completion of practical training semester.

Well-established institutes offering this prestigious program offer a course structure that is a judicious amalgamation of theory and practice. Students also have to undergo internship programs in top firms to gain first-hand knowledge of working in the real world. Top of the line institutes offer excellent summer internship and live project opportunities so that their students get well versed with the working of this exciting and dynamic disciple and start contributing from day one in their respective organizations.

Job function of architecture

An architectural engineer is responsible for the task of applying the principles of general engineering and structural design to construct buildings of different types, sizes and forms. It is important to note that the primary job of an architect is to design buildings in a way which reflects more focus on function and feasibility over style. In other words, architectural engineering is a multifaceted discipline concerned primarily with the design, construction, and operation of a building they are asked to build.

It is the job of architectural engineers to ensure that building they are constructing fulfills important parameters like proper fire protection, lighting, ventilation, sustainability, cooling, heating, etc. They also need to ensure that the fragile balance of nature is not adversely affected by their work and their activities do not bring any harm to the environment.

Top 10 architectural colleges in Gwalior or for that matter best in class architectural colleges anywhere else in the country are known for developing competent and confident graduates who possess the ability and the expertise to carry out their duties and responsibilities as per the expectations attached with them. Top rated institutes offer world class facilities and hire faculties who are the best in business.

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