6 Habits that can help you nail your MBA Entrance Test

If you want to become a business management professional and pursue your higher education by joining MBA in Mumbai or any other city in India, it’s important to prepare well. Getting the admission in one of the top institutions of the country is not easy, and thus, one needs to nurture few healthy habits that can help him/her achieve the goals and clear the entrance exam.


MBA colleges in mumbai

There are many MBA programs without GMAT offered by top rated management institutes.They either accept score of national level entrance tets like CAT or MAT or conduct their own entrance examinations.

Here are some of the important studying habits that can help you with your entrance examinations preparation.

1. Revision

Preparing a topic and learning its basics is not enough. If you want to develop expertise in a particular topic or subject area, its important that you revise it from time to time. First revision should be after a couple of days, then, after a week, then after a fortnight. When you develop the habit of revision, you can easily master the topic.

2. Ideal Utilization of Time

Getting admission in an MBA program of a good institute is not easy andyou need thorough preparation for it. One of the habits that can help you prepare well and complete your preparation well in time is the ideal utilization of time. Develop the habit of utilising the time in the optimum manner.

3. Concentration

While studying for long hours is not important, but, studying with full focus and complete concentration is very important. Thus, work on developing the concentration skills. You can start practising some technique, that can help you increase your focus and concentration.

4. Making Small Notes

One of the habits that can help you significantly to crack your MBA entrance examination is about making small notes every time you study or revise a topic. These notes are much easier to revise and take only a few minutes for writing. Once you have your small notes, you can revise any topic within minutes.

5. Practising

Another imperative habit that students need to develop when preparing for important exams in “Practising”. Most of us learn the topics, verbally answer the questions and assume that you are done with the topic is nothing more than a mistake. Practicing is important and one needs to indulge in thorough practice in order to develop expertise in a specific subject or topic.

6. Reading Newspaper

Reading the newspaper and staying current with news can help you crack the entrance examination as it can help you stay updated about what’s happening around the world. This knowledge can prove useful in the Group Discussion round, and when you read the newspaper daily, you can find one or two new words every day that can help you in enhancing your vocabulary.

Developing and nurturing the aforementioned habits can go a long way in helping you crack the exam and score good marks that can aid you in getting admission in one of your desired MBA institutes.

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