Mumbai Tourism – A Journey From Delhi To Mumbai And Back

Delhi and Mumbai are amongst the most visited cities in the country. Both the cities have something to bring to the table and in the event to have to have to make the travel to the other city, there are ample of means of transport. This article talks about the accessibility of the cities and shines a light on the tourism of Mumbai.

Mumbai Tourism

Mumbai is a city with everything you could ask for. With ultra rich history reflected in its mass and magnificent British built structures across the city, historical sights for sightseeing, beaches, the most modern infrastructures, temples – both ancient and newly made, the most extravagant lifestyle and home to the Indian film industry, “Bollywood”.

The influence of Bollywood rubs on the streets of Mumbai where you could see people dressed up as stars and impersonating them, almost like Las Vegas where the streets of Nevada are flooded by an Elvis Presley impersonator in every street corner.

Mumbai is almost mesmerizing in many ways and people from every corner of India especially small towns, dream of the day they will get a chance to see the city of Mumbai.

Flights, trains and buses are available to every part of the country. Although people from long distance usually opt the means of trains or flights, there are also by road facilities available to places as far as Delhi! You can book a New Delhi to Mumbai taxi which will take you almost 30 hours for a one way trip.

The time of travel may vary depending on the speed of travel and the number of stops made during the journey. Although this is a very uncommon and expensive means of travel and not to forget a whole lot more time consuming, there are quite a handful who prefer the thrill of the journey and prefer this means of transport.

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, so it is only natural that it is a place visited by many on business purposes. There are likewise a considerable measure of business inns for business guests to the city who come here for conferences and traditions.

Extravagance visitors favor staying in inns in south mumbai like the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel or the Trident Hotel which are near real vacation spots in the city. Furthermore, there are additionally a couple budget friendly hotels accessible for hikers.

Mumbai is a vast city so booking your hotel rooms prior your visit will be to your benefit instead of treading along every shady street corners in the lookout for a budget friendly hotel in the dark.

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