Top Five Best Courses in Finance in India

An essential part for any business or company, Finance is continuously in huge demand. If you are looking for career options in finance or trying to strengthen your resume, there are scores of finance courses located all over the world to help you meet your goals. It is indeed one of the fastest rising verticals of Indian economy. If you are all set to get the most favorable preparation for the finance world, choose from the list of top 5 courses which will help you make a fruitful career in finance.

Certified Financial Modeling

An innovative online course helps open up opportunities in Budgeting, investment banking and private equity, Certified Financial Modeling is designed to showcase the performance of a financial asset. It is one of the most sought-after skills in the finance industry. In this course, you will learn how to prepare finance model with the help of case studies and business problems. At the end of the course, you will gain confidence to create own financial model for solving business issues. Anyone wishes to discover various options in financial modeling can take this course.

Financial Modeling with MS Excel Foundation

The course allows professionals to handle finance models by using advanced level techniques and applications. Financial Modeling is one of the most fundamental skills in the industry. The added knowledge gained through this training assists finance and commerce experts to gain knowledge of financial modeling to succeed in today’s environment. Commerce graduates, Business analysts, Investment bankers, MBA students or anyone looking to strengthen their skills of financial modeling techniques and implication.

Certified Credit Research Analyst

Providing students with the essential foundation of skills and experiences required to enter the domain of credit research analysis, it is the only recognized global certification in credit research. It integrates the credit analysis, credit strategy, fundamentals of financial analysis and structuring. During your training, you will come across case studies and exercises used to illustrate major learning points. This will prepare you better for employment in the field of rating, bank loans, strategy and credit analysis.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Helping you build the expertise you need for success in today’s global business world, International financial reporting standards (IFRS) is another certification that can be added to your resume. It is a common language for business affairs so that companies know and compare among international boundaries. You will also be able to organize financial statements that are understandable, relevant and reliable. IFRS certification is perfect for financial analysts, accountants or anyone wishing to work in finance sector.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Covering concepts and knowledge you will use at all stages of a career, Chartered Financial Analyst has become the most respected investment designation in the globe. The program emphasizes on current skills and practical knowledge required in the global management investment position. It also focuses on the professional standards and highest ethical that are needed to be followed. Organizations are looking for people infused with management skills and can perform investment analysis. It is best for business analysts, account manager, IT professionals and CA aspirants.

Consider taking one of these courses which will help you gain a better ability to work efficiently with people. So, create wealth and boost the company’s value.

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