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A Career Guide to Specialization of PHP in Web Development

Those people who are interested in php are considered to have a diversity in their thinking. PHP is a framework used for the self developed websites. It is very essential to know it’s features as it can increase your attractiveness towards your website. A website can be easily done by the php coding and it can be easily formulated on the web. Usually we do HTML coding for the website designing  so as far as php is concerned it is very mych compatible with the HTML and CSS tags. This makes it one of the prominent language used for the coding. BR brains provides you a compatible platform to choose your career and take your decision. BR brains are highly effective in technology based solutions. We provide you the best  php training in jaipur, rajasthan. This will lead a proper way to create your own page and increase the internet traffic by your extraordinary features. As in today’s date there are 10 top php frameworks used for the development. Salient features of BR brains:

a career guide in php web development

5 Best Practices that will Help You Crack IIT JEE

When you are preparing for JEE, you need to plan your study schedule and the study time in a way that you eventually achieve success. There are certain tried and tested practices suggested by exIITians and JEE rank holders. From taking coaching at a reputed institute to enrolling for mock tests, you need a full proof plan.

preparing for JEE

The Best App To Prepare For GMAT On-the-GO

When it comes to professional advancement and career growth, there is no white space. Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is the only option, which places you in the classroom of success and rationalizes your plights career hurdles.

Learn Gmat with ByJu's App

The GMAT has embarked more the 6,000 business and management programs. It is considered to be traditional form standardized test to get into the international B-schools with a perspective of acquiring MBA degree.

Civil Engineers Construct Structural Marvels

Do you have a fascination for the physical construction of buildings and other structures? Are you delighted at the prospect of designing modern architectural marvels? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you are interested in building physical structures, then you must choose civil engineering as your profession.

top 10 btech university Jaipur 2017

Sanskriti Engineering Entrance Examination (SEEE-2017)

Sanskriti University with a sprawling 40 acres campus at NH-2, Chhata, Mathurais one of the best known private universities of Uttar Pradesh. Only 116 km from Delhi, this architecturally majestic university is one of UP’s top class educational institutes known for its well-recognised and prestigious undergraduate and graduate programs in an extensive range of disciplines. The university established with the idea of “Excellence in Life” of the students seeks to develop competent, knowledgeable and capable individuals who are capable of assuming leadership positions in the global market place.


MBA Highly Relevant in a Globalised World

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is often seen as the stepping stone to a highly successful and fulfilling career in the business world. Demand for MBA program has reached an unprecedented level in India with every year lakhs of students sitting for top management competitive exams like CAT and MAT.  In fact, MBA is a hot topic in India these days fanned by media reports of MBA graduates from top business schools being offered unheard of salary packages. This perhaps makes it the best time to debate whether an MBA degree really lives up to its hype, more so with the proliferation of hundreds of local business schools that now crowd the market.

MBA Highly Relevant in a Globalised World

The Pros and Cons of Classroom Video Recording

Often class lectures given by professors are difficult to understand. Some lessons cannot be grasped until they are heard for a third or fourth time. Well, you cannot compel your professor to give the same lectures three times, and that is where the video recordings come in. If you are absent from the class, you can take the help of these recordings. You can also lend these videos to your friends who were ill and could not make it to the class. There are chances of making these videos public through social platforms, resulting in chaos, thus many professors and colleges are against the idea.

Classroom Video Recording

There is a Future beyond Common Aptitude Test (CAT)

Common Aptitude Test or CAT as it is popularly known is the Holy Grail of competitive management exams in India. Every year close to 2 lacs student take this test for post graduate management programs of highly coveted Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). Other top level business schools in India like S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Management Development Institute (Gurgaon),Nirma Institute of Business Management (NIMS), Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad, etc make an offer of admission to their post graduate management programs based on your performance In CAT.

common aptitude test cat

When is CAT Exam 2017

CAT - Common Admission Test 2017

CAT – Common Admission Test

CAT that stand for Common Admission Test gives the task of conducting to different Indian Institute of Management every year. But this time something would different from regular bases.

CAT is one of most impressive management entrance exams for admissions into the 13 Indian Institutes of Management with other top management institutes.

IIM-I confirm that they will be conducting for CAT 2016-2017 admissions for management programs. IIMs directors decided to give responsibility for conducting CAT 2016 to Indian Institute of Management Indore first time on 2nd Feb 2017. On September 2017 the notification will be released for CAT 2016 and the pattern would be same from CAT 2017.

6 Tips to consider when choosing your career

Many people find it challenging to find out what they really want to do in life as a career. There are so many different alternatives in career choices and sometimes it can be mind-boggling to try and find out where you belong. One good source to check for various courses is online where you will find a wide variety of career options to choose from all over the world, including sites such as bachelor’s inhospitality management London.

6 Tips to consider when choosing your career

The following are several tips that can guide you when choosing your career: