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Things to Look for When Choosing a School for Your Kid

Selecting a school for your kid is not a child’s play. You will need to research a lot, explore the options and finally settle for the one that suits your expectations.Some basic things play a vital rolein this process of choosing, eliminating and finalising the schools.

In this article, we will shed light on the important things and try to make your task of choosing a school, a bit easier. Keep reading to know more!

Things to Look for When Choosing a School for Your Kid:

Academic Performance

School is the crucial stage in a student’s life as it helps tvhem in laying a strongacademic foundation. Thus, you need to check the academic performance of the schools where you wish to enrol your children.
Begin by comparing the school’s average exam scores and how it is rankedin the region.You can speak to parents who have already enroledtheir children in the school and get a clearer picture of the school’s academic excellence.


In India, there are plenty of boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB and state board. Each one of them has a different curriculum. Though all these boards are good at one or other level, CBSE is considered the most sought-after boardin India.All the colleges in the country also recognise CBSE. So, if you wish your child to study from CBSE board, search for best CBSE schools in India and see the best fit for your kid.

Interestingly, many of thebest CBSE schools in Indiaalso focus on subjects that are related to arts and music as it helps students in exploring new career avenues. You too can enrol your children in such schools and give them a chance to nurture their hidden talent.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Before finalising the schools, you must visit them once to concretise your decision further. On your visit, you will get an idea about the infrastructure of the school. Some of the questions you should keep in mind are:
 Are classrooms tidy and spacious?
 Does the overall school premise look clean and have hygienic washrooms?
 How is the security system in the school?
 Is there enough area and tools to cater the extra-curricular activities?
You can add other questions as per your understanding. A well-furnished and modern school indicates the dedication of the authorities towards providing the best facilities to the students.

Teachers and Staff

While on your visit to the campus,make sure to have a word with the teachers. Some of the details you can get include the qualification and experience of the teachers. In addition, you can also check the student-teacher ratio to determine if your child will get adequate attention in the classroom. Do talk to the teachers and know their opinion about the school.
School staff is also an essential part of the school, so if possible, interact with them to know more about their attitude towards school and children.

Extra-curricular Activities

Nowadays, there has been a significant shift in the way people used to perceive education in schools. Extra-curriculars have paved their way into the center stage and are usedas a touchstone for parents to decide if the school is good for their child or not. Thus, when you start selecting a school for your child, don’t just focus on academic performance but go beyond the books and check the extra-curricular activities offered by the school.
Some top schools like Genesis Global School offer a wide array of activities ranging from literature, sports and even performing arts to provide a holistic learning experience to children.

Summing Up

Done reading? Well, now you know aboutthe most important things you need to consider while selecting the best school for your child. It is only at schools that your child can get a holistic development while learning about new things. Thus, it is essential to choose a school that can nurture your child in the best possible manner.

Science Quiz Test for Preparation Competitive Exams

Are you Crazy for science? Do you want to test your knowledge about science facts and figures? Taking Quizistan science quiz will solve your problem.

Science Quiz Games

For students it’s high time to play Quizistan to find out whether you are paying attention in your science class or not. By playing this interesting online quiz you will be able to test yourself for how well you know science facts.

What is the Career Options After BBA Finance

A world of possibilities opensfor people with a bachelor’s degree in BBA finance. Those three years of hard work pays off when one can explore just about any arena of the business world. A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is aparticularly versatile degree as it can be obtained by studying a variety of fields.

Career Options After BBA FinanceWhile many students choose to studya number of different subjects,others prefer to focus on a morespecific aspect of the business.
The salary package largely depends on the sector and a person’s capability. However, one can expect a starting salary of anything between 25k –35k per month.

Really Good Reasons to Take a Personality Test

Introduction to Personality Tests

There are just three inquiries the business truly needs to reply amid the hiring procedure: Firstly, do you have the correct abilities and experience? Furthermore, do you have the required energy and inspiration? At last, would you say you will fit in, as far as your identity, demeanor and general work style?

Personality and identity has a huge task to carry out in giving responses to the second and third of these inquiries. In most working circumstances it is the identity of your workers and managers that influence the everyday achievement of the company. In the event that the group doesn’t function admirably together or a supervisor can’t inspire their staff, at that point profitability and nature of services will endure.

All You Need to Know About Choosing IIT Coaching Classes

Coaching institutes are extremely crucial to help students prepare for competitive exams and help define their career. It goes without saying that the students who have been trained by coaching institutes have a certain edge.

IIT JEE exams are not the same as school exams! These coaching centers will train the students to become competent in their competitive exams and perform well. As a student preparing for a prestigious institution like IIT will know that lakhs of students appear for these exams. Since the competition is incredibly high, you can leave no stone unturned in preparing for these entrance tests.

Math Quiz Games for Preparation of Competitive Exams

Math is a subject that needs rigorous practice if you want to succeed. However, most people are reluctant to devote their study time towards practicing math questions. Practicing math questions make people feel bored which sometimes might be because of the inability to solve problems on their own. It is almost impossible for many to ensure that their practice sessions are effective.

Quiz Games

To be a perfectionist in maths it is important to solve a wide range of problems under the same topic. However, sometimes people make the mistake of sticking to the type of questions they know how to solve. It’s good to gain expertise in the topics that come to you easily but you should not neglect the other kind of problems.

Section-Wise Study Plan for IBPS Clerk 2018

The Preliminary exam of IBPS Clerk 2018 will commence from the month of December. To help students prepare for this exam in a better way, here is a section-wise study plan for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018. This study plan has been designed keeping in view the important topics, which usually carry more weightage in the exam and is easy to follow.

The prelims phase of IBPS Clerk consists of 100 questions which account for a total of 100 marks with 0.25 negative marks per question.

IBPS keeps introducing changes in its exam every year; this year sectional time limit has been introduced in the preliminary phase of the exam. So, make sure that you utilise the time before the exam to the fullest, acquaint yourself with the exam details properly and follow the schedule shared below in order to crack this exam in a single go and clear both sectional as well as overall cutoff.

Education Trends Of 21st Century

With the rapid advancement in technology of this century, the methods of keeping oneself educated are also changing day by day. When it comes to education, we can see a massive use of technology and devices today compared to the earlier days.

Education Trends Of 21st Century

With this, the pursuit of achieving excellence in knowledge and skills has become much easier compared to earlier days and as a result, people are opting for digital education when it comes to their career advancement.

How to Prepare Effectively for IAS Exam 2019

IAS-EXAM-2019In India, most of the parents want their children to get a government job despite the fact that the private sector is booming and offering excellent career as well as growth opportunities.

The main reason for parents pushing their children towards government jobs is mostly due to the perception that these jobs are secure and permanent as well as due to the fact that a government employee enjoys several benefits.

While this is the current scenario in India, every year many aspirants from all over the country appear for exams.

What is CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) and Why it is required?

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report that is a technical report required by Engineers Australia from the applicants who are aiming to make a career in engineering in Australia. Australia is utilizing CDR Reports as an appraisal method for evaluating the competency and education level of overseas Engineering students and professionals who desire to work in Australia. The main rationale of CDR is a demonstration of your skills and knowledge at a professional level as either an engineering associate, professional engineer or engineering technologist.

10 Ways to Write a Perfect CDR

Are you afraid that your CDR gets rejected? Here are the 10 ways for CDR Report Writing from our experts that can help you to qualify on Engineers Australia parameters.