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Happy New Year 2015

happy new year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Every Year is comes with happiness, peace and joyfully for everyone’s life . Every year this day is celebrated on 1st January. Everyone starting new year celebration on 31th December evening. Every religion people celebrate this day with their traditional culture mixed on new or unique way.

How to Maintain Hair Extensions

Good brands and companies those serves hair extensions to their customers, are also provide sufficient knowledge to them. Customer support is there for interested people. Today hair extension is most important accessory to enhance beauty and style. Hair extensions become very much popular these days due to its quick styling method of add length and thickness to human hair.

How to Maintain Hair Extensions

How to Maintain Hair Extensions?

Pitcher Perfect Stand-Up Comedy Nights

Do you love to laugh?

Do not answer that, off-course you do. Previously, we did not have a place in town where we could go just to have a good laugh and enjoy a drink or two. Well now we do. If you have not visited a stand-up comedy show ever, then you need to visit one soon. If you do not even know the concept of stand-up comedy, then I suggest that you visit YouTube and go through the thousands of videos of stand-up comedy lined up there.

Comedy is big business everywhere. Most top rated shows around the world on television have a comic undertone to it. The most watched television show now in India is a comedy with some features of a stand-up comedy show. I can suggest that without wasting much time, you can book a ticket in any of the following stand up shows happening at the Bangalore comedy circuit.

Pitcher Perfect Stand-Up Comedy Nights

Why do We Celebrate Christmas

25 December, this day annually celebrated as Christmas Day. Christmas day are celebrated with joy. This day declared as public holiday for all over the world. They celebrate christmas with happiness because this festival is most important for them. Christian believes that christ was sent for save mankind in all around the world. This is festival of rejoicing, feasting, love, giving and receiving gifts etc.

merry christmas images

Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated for the birth of jesus christ. Jesus Christ was Son of god (christian people believe) and founder of Christian faith. Every year all the christian member celebrate christmas day at 25 Dec. Christmas is celebrated for jesus christ and also their care, respect, love. In this day every christian decorate their home, room and also their temple.

Importance of Cryovials

When it comes to storing materials for research laboratories, there are dozens of different methods used around the world. Regardless of what laboratory you visit though, there are certain rules that must always be observed for storing certain materials. In some cases, these items need to be stored at room temperature. Other times, they need to be kept much warmer or much cooler.

Importance of Cryovials


Team Building For Leadership Teams


· Team building generally refers to the particular activities that are undertaken with the intention of educating, informing, uniting and promoting leaders. The leaders are always those people chosen by a group of people and their main aim is to represent the group in situations where applicable. There exists a saying that states that never tell the troops to do something that you yourself can never do. This is true and majorly applies to the team and leadership development initiatives that groups undertake.

Team Building For Leadership Teams

Information about the team building for leadership teams

· For the selected leaders to command great and positive external provision in building and aligning their teams then they require some sort of motivation. These leaders must be cautious enough to fully involve themselves in the process of team building with which they interact and should ensure they set a positive example from the start. To avoid conducting any of the workshops, sessions or profiles yourself while addressing the team, you have to be so composed and straight forward. This will lead to a significant component of the interactive puzzle being missing from the project. It might also set tongues wagging as to why the boss is absent from the group. Irrespective of the fact that the reason you are missing from a session is down to really being run off your feet, to some it may appear that you are either evading the work or are not open enough to investigate your own particular qualities and shortcomings with the troops.

· There also exists a great value of looking keenly into the leadership cohort as a team in its exact meaning and importance in the behavioural dynamics.

· Neglecting to create “the leadership team” can cause negative impacts on that particular team, as well as for the nature of leadership and choice making that it gives to the aggregate association, its stakeholders and customers. Pioneers will perpetually bring solid assumptions, identities and goals to the part of pioneer. Set up all of them together in a leadership team and the results might be an influential “multiplier” when the science works and a complete calamity when it doesn’t. So by what method would you be able to get to the lowest part of what makes a “leadership team” tick, and after that help it to turn into a more viable team?

Going past the personal Egos is considered as the first great step to team building

· Deliberately, the leaders will have with them a new level of service or new team within their own stacks of ideas and values. These re-enforce their personal narratives of how and why they move to their immediate positions. These typically show as trust in and around the roles and jobs they know, and can likewise trigger passionate reactivity around new difficulties or dangers.

· This frequently fulfilling toward oneself account might be an extraordinary advantage for them when climbing the stepping stool, yet what happens when they achieve the top and after that need to team up with others that have additionally arrived at those same statures, however along diverse ways? Some leaders might fall prey of trusting on their publicity and that of any acolytes around them with respect to the utility and versatility of their own working style. These might appear unrealistic to the team of equals.


· In conclusion therefore, the above information about team Building for Leadership Teams gives us an overview of some of the necessary facts that leaders should put into consideration while on the move to unite their teams.

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St Lucia’s Day 2014

13th December 2014, st lucia’s Day are celebrated. This day was dedicated to Saint Lucie. Modern days, this day are celebrate at Sweden and Norway. This festival are also observed by Europe countries. Large number people of Scandinavian ancestry (United States ) celebrate this day with cookies, around church event.

st lucia independence day


About st Lucia’s Day

St Lucia’a day was celebrate to honour of st Lucia. This is festival of light and also celebrated by young womens. At 304CE, St Lucia was services of christ by vowed her life. Lucia was christian women but Romans was killed her to believing christian religious. St lucia’s day are celebrated with joy and respectfully.

st lucia’s day 2014


How to celebrate St Lucia’s day

A young women, comes as saint Lucy with lights and sweets. This day was traditionally celebrated with young womens. In this day, young womens are wearing a white gown with crown of candle on her head and also with red sash. Each women are holding a candle on her hand. Then traditional Neapolitan start singing Lucia song while entering the room. After completing lucia song they start Christmas carols and many other songs. is providing wide range of handicraft products for celebrating this day. We have offer various collection of handicraft items with fine designs. Our products are give unique touch in your celebration of st Lucia’s day.