St Lucia’s Day 2014

13th December 2020, st lucia’s Day are celebrated. This day was dedicated to Saint Lucie. Modern days, this day are celebrate at Sweden and Norway. This festival are also observed by Europe countries. Large number people of Scandinavian ancestry (United States ) celebrate this day with cookies, around church event.

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About st Lucia’s Day

St Lucia’a day was celebrate to honour of st Lucia. This is festival of light and also celebrated by young womens. At 304CE, St Lucia was services of christ by vowed her life. Lucia was christian women but Romans was killed her to believing christian religious. St lucia’s day are celebrated with joy and respectfully.

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How to celebrate St Lucia’s day

A young women, comes as saint Lucy with lights and sweets. This day was traditionally celebrated with young womens. In this day, young womens are wearing a white gown with crown of candle on her head and also with red sash. Each women are holding a candle on her hand. Then traditional Neapolitan start singing Lucia song while entering the room. After completing lucia song they start Christmas carols and many other songs. is providing wide range of handicraft products for celebrating this day. We have offer various collection of handicraft items with fine designs. Our products are give unique touch in your celebration of st Lucia’s day.

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