Why do We Celebrate Christmas

25 December, this day annually celebrated as Christmas Day. Christmas day are celebrated with joy. This day declared as public holiday for all over the world. They celebrate christmas with happiness because this festival is most important for them. Christian believes that christ was sent for save mankind in all around the world. This is festival of rejoicing, feasting, love, giving and receiving gifts etc.

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Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated for the birth of jesus christ. Jesus Christ was Son of god (christian people believe) and founder of Christian faith. Every year all the christian member celebrate christmas day at 25 Dec. Christmas is celebrated for jesus christ and also their care, respect, love. In this day every christian decorate their home, room and also their temple.

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How to Celebrate Christmas Festival

Christian start great preparations for this occasion. Before christmas day, every christian clean their room, churches, shops and houses. They decorate their shops, room, wall and house with pictures, wall hanging, paper flowers etc. On this special occasion, they are beautiful decorate their christmas tree with dolls, lights, birds, flowers and many other decor items. This tree are planted on home and shop corner. All people pray to god and everyone go to christmas party with best cloth and start celebrate christmas with joy. At last of party, everyone giving and receiving gifts for their relatives and children.

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