Pitcher Perfect Stand-Up Comedy Nights

Do you love to laugh?

Do not answer that, off-course you do. Previously, we did not have a place in town where we could go just to have a good laugh and enjoy a drink or two. Well now we do. If you have not visited a stand-up comedy show ever, then you need to visit one soon. If you do not even know the concept of stand-up comedy, then I suggest that you visit YouTube and go through the thousands of videos of stand-up comedy lined up there.

Comedy is big business everywhere. Most top rated shows around the world on television have a comic undertone to it. The most watched television show now in India is a comedy with some features of a stand-up comedy show. I can suggest that without wasting much time, you can book a ticket in any of the following stand up shows happening at the Bangalore comedy circuit.

Pitcher Perfect Stand-Up Comedy Nights

1.  S. Ve. Shekher’s Kaadhula Poo

S. Ve. Shekher is a veteran comedian at the stand-up circuit. His current show is presented by the TVK cultural academy. It is a Tamil show, where he acts out a drama, which contains the famous 7200 seconds of uncomfortable laughter. He is a Tamil playwright by profession, who is known for his slap stick flavour of humour. He began his drama career in 1974 and has acted in more than 24 plays and done over 4000 shows all across the globe. He has also been named in the Limca Book of Records for his non-stop performances.

Place: Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram, Bangalore; Date: Dec. 28; Price: Rs 300- Rs 1500.

2. Pitcher Perfect Live Stand-up Comedy

Every Sunday, Kenneth Sebastian, Neville Shah and Mikhail Almeida provide for the audience an incredible rib tickling experience. Along with live comedy, there is beer and food on offer for the audience to munch on. Kenneth Sebastian is also a musician who likes to purely live in the present and improvisation is something that he aspires to do every night on the stage.

Neville Shah is also a writer along with performing as a comedian in a lot of places around the world. His insightful and strange views on life are something that the audiences love listening to.

Mikhail Almeida is the youngest of the lot and is also a writer. This 21 year old is a foodie and takes pleasure in making strangers laugh.

Place: Big Pitcher, Old Airport Road, Bangalore; Date: Dec 28; Price: Rs 400.

3.  LOL@ Urban Solace- Stand Up Comedy & Open Mic Nights

The pioneers and the leaders in comedy scene in Bangalore are providing free laughs to the audience for the last three years. This place allows talent from across the country and keeps the line-up fresh and alive every week. This is also the only weekly stand-up show in all of Bangalore.

Place: Ulsoor, Bangalore; Date: December 29; Price: Free.

A dose of laughter is always welcome and needed to add variety to your daily grind. Come and be energized!

Author’s bio: The author is an amateur stand-up comedian. He shares his views on the subject with eventshigh.

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