How to Care for Remy Hair

Remy hair considered the highest quality of human hair. Remy hair is a fusion of Indian natural human hair and Chinese Remy. These are laces wigs with natural looks. Many celebrities prefer to have Remy hair for their different look. The lustrous, shiny look of Remy wigs makes them more expensive than regular ones. After installation hair requires special treatment or care. Once your extensions are in place, for long lifespan you need to handle them with care. Proper maintenance keeps your Indian hair smooth and silky.

First of all we discuss which products and things we require for hair care. Mandatory things such as hair conditioner, moisturizing shampoo, wide-tooth comb, towel. Avoid use of harmful products those have high chemicals or alcohol.

How to Care for Remy Hair Wigs

Following the right hair care procedures will extend the life of your wig:

1. Clean your hair always. Regularly Shampoo and condition your hair. Avoid use of harmful products those have high chemicals or alcohol. You wash the hair at least twice within a week with warm or cold water. Wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, and etc.

2. Remove tangles using a wide-tooth comb or brush to comb through or run your fingers through the hair. Tangle free hair remains smooth for a long period.

3. In a spray bottle, create a mixture that is 50 percent conditioner and 50 percent water. Shake it up and spray it on the hair. Wet the hair gradually and then brush it.

4. Brush your hair daily, start from the ends and go up.

5. Do not use low quality hair products. Be sure products which you are using should not contain high chemicals and alcohol. They could damage your hair.

6. Soak your wig in mixture of cold water and mild moisturizing shampoo. At least seven to eight minutes keep your wig in mixture.

7. Lather the wig with the shampoo but do not rub or tug at the hair. Squeeze the soapy water through the hair softly from the top to the hair ends. After that rinse the wig in cold water.

8. Saturate the wig with hair conditioner. Use oil-free shampoo and conditioner. Keep as it is for at least five minutes.

9. Remove conditioner from wig, rinse it in cool water. Squeeze the water softly out of the hair before drying the wig. Dry your hair after washing. After you wash it with shampoo and conditioner, towel-dry it.

10. Avoid sleeping on your extensions while your hair is wet, and hair should be completely dry before going to bed.

11. If you want to blow dry your hair then make sure your setting is on low, heat should not be high.

Sometimes over-treatment, heavy chemicals damage hairs badly, so we should handle them with care. Avoid harsh chemical and products those have alcohol. These type of products dry out your hair.

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