How to Dye Hair Extension Without Damaging

Purchasing a hair extension and clipping it is not enough. Maintenance is very important. Dying it from time to time is a tedious task. Before dying the entire extension, always try to dye a strand initially. These extensions do not react just way scalp hair does.

How to Dye Human Hair Extension
Use a large spacious counter/table where you can spread the extensions evenly on a silver foil that is placed on the counter/table

  • Now hold the tip of the extensions with the tip of your thumb (wear gloves)
  • Now apply the color to each strand evenly. Make sure the color is applied to each section of the extensions
  • Since you’ve applied color to the extensions, now cover them loosely with a plastic wrap. This prevents the hair extensions from drying out. Leave it on for 30-35 minutes approximately
  • Now take each strand one by one and rinse it off completely. Do not rinse them in any direction. They should be rinsed in the direction they actually fall in. Each strand of hair extensions should be rinsed off thoroughly for around 15 minutes approximately.
  • Lay the extensions on the table on a towel to let them dry

You’re now done washing them. For more details, visit us on

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