How Many People in the World

Nobody can give exact data for the world population because there born and die people in a second so no one can collect this data exactly. There are lots of countries (Do you know how many countries in the world? ) and people who live there in the world. We are sharing some useful information about world population that we picked from popular online sources as according to US Census current population of the world is 7,072,594,627(16th March 2020).

Population of the World

Population of the World

According to World Bank data the Indian population was 1,241,491960 in 2011. Average daily population growth is about 165,000. So, if anybody asks to you about world population then you can reply that there are more than seven billion people in the world.

The world population is growing @ around 1.10% per year.  In 2050 according to United Nations calculation the population of the world will be about 9 billion.

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  1. Yahaira Castaneda says:

    Thank you , I didn’t know that there are 7 billion people in the world ,again thank you foretelling me.

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