How Many Country in the World

Every map lover wants to know how many countries in the world, so here we share this information that we found online.  The total numbers of countries depend on the count method and the most common way to calculate total countries is IRSS (internationally recognized sovereign states). In this method world maps publisher count United Nations members countries first and then they add up Non United Nations members countries.

Country Base World Map

Continents Base World Map

At this time total numbers of United Nations members countries are 193 and total numbers of Non United Nations member countries are 2. So we can say that now 195 countries in the world.

Another method to count total countries is here:

There are 7 continents in the world with 194 countries also have a look here:

1. Africa has 54 countries
2. Europe has  47 Countries
3. Asia has 44 Countries
4. North America has 23 Countries
5. Australia has 14 Countries
6. South America has 12 Countries
7. Antarctica has 0 Countries

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