Facebook Launch Search Engine

Last Updated : 20th Feb 2020 –

Facebook has launched a new search engine on Tuesday for sharing content and find out more about friends on the huge social network in a possible challenge to Google and other Internet firms.

“We look at Facebook as a big social database,” Mark Zuckerberg the Chief executive of Facebook announced and called it with the name of “graph search”. He said “Just like any database, you should be able to query it.”

facebook search engine, graph sarch

This Graph Search aims for help FB members to navigate the information better on facebook that is not accessible on Google or other search engine.

This graph search is not like a normal Web search, but it can help find the information that are already available on Facebook in friends profile and content.

What is Graph Search?

Before, the search bar that you saw on you Facebook page when you logged into FB was not so effective. You could only search other people, friends pages, public pages and business pages from the Timelines, but now, after Graph Search you will allow to search and find more about your friends and other informative content that Facebook has in his memory.

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