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7 Ways To Increase Call for a Law Firm, No One Will Actually Tell You

This is a tough job to improve revenue for any business. If you are a law firm marketing company and your clients demand more and more business call from you, this information will help you a lot.

If you are running a law firm in your area and want to improve client then this post can be very useful to you. In this post I will tell you how you can improve call for your law firm business. You just need to follow the steps:

1. FREE Consultation Number on Header.
2. FREE Consultation Contact Form in Left Corner under the menu bar.
3. Add CallBack Button.
4. Add Live Chat Button
5. Highlight CTA among the Blog Post.
6. Add Call To Action Signature in the Bottom of the Post
7. Link Your Contact Number

Now I define each point in detail:

1. FREE Consultation Number on Header

This is a very common option available on each major law firm’s website to attract a client to call a lawyer.


You can review the option with the following headings on any lawyer’s website:

a.Call Us For A FREE Consultation
b.Call Now for FREE Initial Consultation
c.FREE Consultation Now
d.Call Today For A FREE Consultation

2. Quick Contact Form in Left Corner

Research says top left corner gets the attention first. When a user comes to your website, he starts to review your website from the left corner and move to right from there.

quick contact form

Image Source

So you should use a quick contact form on left corner to get more inquiries.

3. Request CallBack Button

Did you see a red button on left or right navigation bar labeled “Request a callback”, it’s called Call Back Button offered by law firms if their clients can’t call them at that time.

Request CallBack

Image Source

When you click on CallBack Button a form appears with two fields, first is Name and the second is contact number. Contact number is most and name is to know about the person you are talking with.

4. Live Chat

If your clients really want your help then he/she can use this option and discuss about their case.

live chat options

Image Source

A Study says, Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% of the phone.

There are many free live chat option available online, but I personally prefer Zopim.com because it works as an analytic tool as well.

5. Highlight CTA Text among the Blog Content

This option works when you have great content on your blog post and the pages. You can target your best blog post, contact number with catchy lines, and a quick contact link among the blog post content.

Here is an example of a lawyer who is using the following highlight line in his blog post content.


Image Source

Here I am sharing some useful tag lines that lawyers use to improve calls:

a.Click here for a free consultation today.
b.Arrested/Injured in Area? Get Help From Our Firm Immediately.
c.We are available 24/7 to help you!
d.Contact Us Today for a FREE Case Evaluation
e.Contact us now for a free case evaluation by dialing XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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6. Add Call To Action Signature in the Bottom of the Post

It is important to have a CTA at the end of your blog post. Your reader can take an action after finish reading your blog.

Call To Action Signature in the Bottom

7. Link Your Contact Number

If you link your contact number with the following anchor link code, it can improve your call.

Here is the code:

call link


Law Firm marketing is a very competitive niche. This business is not growing in India, but in United State it is growing on high level. There are many law firms in the United States and their peoples’ files cases on small matters. There are many lawyers’ marketing firms as well and their webmasters handle law firm websites in bulk.

We try to share some useful tips to improve sales for a law firm. Hope you like that.

Please share your opinion about this post by email at how2learn.in@gmail.com. If you want to hire me for your law firm, then you can also contact me for further discussion. I will tell how I can increase call for your business.

Matt Williams

Join me at Facebook and Twitter | Add me on Skype : how2learn.in

The Ultimate List of Top 100 Lawyers Directories 2016

Relevancy is most powerful tool to get top ranking on search engine. This is a very typical task for each webmaster to find related sources. If you are a lawyer or an attorney marketing firm then this post is for you.


There are many types of lawyer in the society as personal injury lawyer, criminal lawyer, business lawyer, family lawyer, visa lawyer and bankruptcy law etc and you can submit all types of practices in these directories. Some directories are practice area related. Please review before submit there.

Also Read : 7 Ways To Increase Call for a Law Firm, No One Will Actually Tell You

Here you can find all top 100 free and paid law firm directories:

Law Firm Directories Domain Authority Status
Lawyers.law.cornell.edu 77 Free
Findlaw.com 74 Free
Avvo.com 73 free
Martindale.com 71 free
Lawyers.com 69 Paid
Nolo.com 68 Paid
Hg.org 64 free
Lawfuel.com 64 free
Mediate.com 63 free
Lawinfo.com 62 free
Lawguru.com 61 free
Lawyer.com 60 Paid
Lawyercentral.com 58 free
Utahbar.org 58 Paid
Findacriminaldefenseattorney.com 57 Paid
Findapersonalinjuryattorney.com 57 Paid
Thalesdirectory.com 57 Paid
Lawqa.com 56 free
Napil.com 56 free
Findaduiattorney.com 55 Paid
Anaximanderdirectory.com 53 Paid
Divorcehq.com 53 Paid
Elocallawyers.com 53 free
Lawlink.com 53 Free
Statelawyers.com 53 Paid
Argusvision.net 52 Paid
Lawfirmdirectory.org 52 Paid
Canadianlawlist.com 51 Paid
Findacaraccidentattorney.com 50 Paid
Americantrialattorneys.org 49 Paid
Attorneyfind.com 49 Paid
Cleargrid.com 49 Paid
Familylawcentre.com 49 free
Globallawfirms.org 49 Paid
Justia.com 49 free
Lawyerlegion.com 49 Free
Lawyerlocate.ca 49 Paid
Mibn.org 49 Paid
Personalinjury.com 49 Paid
Attorneydirectorydb.org 48 free
Canadian-lawyers.ca 48 TBD
Targetlaw.com 48 free
Attorneys.us 46 Paid
Dilawctory.com 46 free
Lawyerprofiles.com 46 Paid
Legalwebfinder.com 46 free
Personalinjuryattorneys.tv 46 free
Allgoodlawyers.com 45 Paid
Familylawrights.net 45 Paid
Findmealawyer.com 45 free
Injurylawyerdir.com 45 Paid
List-lawyers.com 45 free
Local-attorneys.com 45 Paid
Nexusdirectory.com 45 Paid
Ottawa-law.ca 45 free
Pathlegal.com 45 free
Aplawyers.com 44 Paid
Lawdeeda.com 44 free
Alphalegal.com 43 free
Directoryusalawyers.com 43 free
Mylegalpractice.com 43 free
Attorneyyellowpages.com 42 free
Attorneyyellowpages.com 42 free
Lawdirectory.co 42 free
Lawnosh.net 42 free
Courthousesquare.com 41 free
Lawfirm-directory.com 41 Paid
Lawworldwide.com 41 Paid
Lawyersdb.com 41 free
Legalfeefinancing.org 41 free
Look4lawyer.com 41 free
Attorneylawyerdirectory.org 40 Paid
Directorylegal.com 40 Paid
Attorneylawdirectory.com 39 free
Bestattorneysonline.com 39 free
Findlawyersbycity.com 39 free
Patentlawportal.com 39 Paid
Usaattorneys.org 39 free
Attorneytribe.com 38 Paid
Enjuris.com 38 Paid
Search-attorneys.com 38 TBD
PersonalInjuryWarriors.com/ 38 Email
Bankruptcyattorneydir.com 37 Paid
Patentlawfirms.com 37 Paid
Lawservicesdirectory.com 36 Paid
Legalexpertsearch.com 36 Paid
Lawyersreviewed.com 35 Paid
Immigration-lawyers-us.com 35 Paid
Lawblogs.net 35 free
Lawbracket.com 35 Paid
Deeplinklawdirectory.co 34 Paid
Alocalattorney.com 33 Paid
Bankruptcy-lawyers-us.com 33 Paid
Accidentpersonalinjurylawyers.com 31 Paid
Familylawattorneydir.com 30 Paid
Findachristianlawfirm.com 29 Paid
Lawyerdirectory.legal 29 free
Lawyerlinkbid.com 27 free
Whollylegal.com 26 free
Attorneysearchonline.com 24 Paid

Image Source

Top 10 Celebrities who Died in Auto Accidents

Car or motorcycle accidents are very common and one of the major causes of death. Many have become prey to it and not only common people but even some celebrities too who have lost their life in car accidents or motorcycle accidents. The causes of accident can vary whether by drivers’ mistakes or negligent or other. We are telling you about some celebrities who have lost their life in car accident or motorcycle indicating that no one can escape from these accidents unless one drives safe.

Top 10 Celebrities who died in Auto accidents

Artimus Lamont Bentley (1989-2005): Lamont Bentley was an American actor and rapper and made his last onscreen appearances in Spike Lee’s crime drama Sucker Free City. Bentley died in a road accident on January 19, 2005. He was driving alone and killed in a single car accident in southern California’s Ventura County. He was driving on highway 118 near Simi Valley. It was reported that Bentley’s vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed towards the Rock Peak Fire Road off ramp. After running through a stop sign, the vehicle was reported to go through a chain link fence that was situated across the street and rolled down an embankment. He sustained severed multiple blunt force injuries and was pronounced dead around 12:23 am.

Bonar Colleano (1944-1958): Bonar was an American born British stage and film actor. He died at the age of 34. He crashed his sport car in Birkenhead after exiting the Queensway Tunnel. It was reported that he was driving back from Liverpool’s New Shakespeare Theatre. His fellow actor, Michael Balfour got 98 stitches and recovered.

Alan Crosland (1894 – 1936): Alan was an American stage actor and film director. Crosland died in 1936 around the age of 41 because of an automobile accident on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

James Dean (1931 – 1955): James was an American actor. The two roles that defined his stardom were loner Cal Trask in East of Eden and ranch hand Jett Rink in Giant. He is one of the first actors to receive a posthumous Academy award nomination for Best actor. Dean was fond of car racing and he was scheduled to compete at a racing event in Salinas, California. With him to the occasion was Bill Hickman who was a stunt coordinator. Both Dean and Hickman was driving behind the Porsche around 3:30 pm and ticketed for speeding. The group traveled to the event via U.S Route 466 then 1950 Ford Tudor made a hesitant attempt to turn away from and intersection placing him at the center of the road so Dean was unable to stop in time and slammed into the driver’s quadrant of the Ford Tudor, in this accident Dean sustained numerous fatal injuries and broke his neck. Dean was announced dead on arrival after he made arrived by ambulance at the Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital.

Roger Delgado (1918-1973): Roger was a British actor known for as the first actor to play the Master in Doctor who. Delgado died on location in Turkey while shooting the feature film Bell of Tibet which was never completed. He was killed with two Turkish film technicians when their car went off the road into a ravine. At the time of death he was 55 years old.

Johnny Horton (1925-1960): Johnny was an American country music and rockabilly singer famous for his semi folk songs. He died in a car accident when he travelled the 220 mile journey back to Shreveport. Tomlinson was in the back of noticing that Horton was driving the car fast. Frank was in sleep in the front. Near Milano, Texas, Horton was crossing a bridge when a truck hit both sides of the bridge as well as Horton’s Cadillac. Though Horton avoided the head on collision driving into ditches but on the narrow bridge he crashed the car. He was declared dead when en route to his family residence in Brady in Central Texas.

Sam Kinison (1953-1992): Sam was an American stand-up comedian and actor. He was known for his intense, harsh and politically incorrect humor. He died at the age of 38 after his white 1989 Pontiac Trans Am got struck head on on U.S Route 95  by a pickup truck that was driven by 17 year old Troy Pierson who under the effect of alcohol. The pickup truck crossed the center line of the roadway and got into Kinison’s lane.

Ernie Kovacs (1919-1962): Kovacs was an American comedian, writer and actor. He was killed in an automobile accident in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of January 13, 1962. It was reported after the party given by Billy Wilder for Milton Berle and his wife, the couple left the party in separate cars.  After a light rainstorm, Kovacs lost the control of his Chevrolet Corvair station wagon while turning fast but crashed into a power pole at the corner of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boulevards. He died instantly because of chest and head injuries when thrown out of the passenger side.

Jayne Mansfield (1933-1967): Jayne was an American actress in film, television and theatre. Mansfield, her lover Sam Brody including their driver Ronnie Harrison with three of her children drove in Buick Electra 225. They were heading for New Orleans where she had to appear for an early morning television interview. On June 29 around 2:25am on U.S. Highway 90, eat of the Rigolets Bridge, the car crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer that was behind another truck spraying mosquito fogger. The car went into the rear of the trailer. The three adults in front seat got killed instantly.

Judy Tyler (1932-1957) was an American actress. With her second husband driving through Wyoming, they were involved in an automobile accident on U.S Route 287. It was on July 3, 1957. She died instantly in the accident. A passenger in other car was also killed.

Paul Walker (1973-2013): Paul was an American actor best known for doing film series “The Fast and The Furious”. On November 30, 2013 around 3:30pm, Walker and Roger Rodas, 38, left an event for Walker’s Charity Reach out Worldwide for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the car, red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The car crashed into a concrete lamppost including two trees on Hercules street, 45 miles per hour speed zone near Kelly Johnson Parkway in Valenica, Santa Clarita, California, after which it was reported the vehicle burst into flames. It was said that Rodas was driving the car and Walker was the passenger, both victims were dead at the scene.  Walker said to have died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries according to the Los Angeles county coroner’s office. (The above content is taken from Wikipedia.)

Whatever the reason for you to drive the car and wherever you are going, you should drive safe. It should not be that if you see clear road, you drive the car fast, sometimes on clear road, accidents just happen. So as far as possible you should or must always drive the car safe securing yourself and others.

What the Law says about Car Title Loans

Taking out a car title loan involves the process of borrowing funds and using your car title as collateral. In order for you to avoid having your car repossessed by the lender, you need to ensure that you make your payments in accordance with the agreed terms of the loan.

Provisions of the Law

The law provides protection for consumers whose challenging financial circumstances make it necessary for them to take out this type of title loan. It aims to restrict the interest rates charged by lenders who issue title loans.

Car Title Loans