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How To Care About Your Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold-plated jewellery is just as delightful as traditional gold or silver one. There are many supporters of this type of jewellery, but does everyone of them know how to care it and deal with it every day? It is well-known that precious metals have the advantage of being long-lived compared to gold-plated jewellery.

Is this the reason to give up gold-plated accessories that are cheaper and look stunning? Of course, it is not, if you know how to care it to enjoy it for a long time. This article will provide you some essential tips that may be useful in order to taking care of the gold-plated jewellery to have the ability to enjoy it for a very long time without spending a fortune.

Cheque Bounce : Learn Everything About Cheque Bounce Case in India

What is a Cheque?

A Cheque is a bill of exchange drawn upon a specified banker payable only on demand. The person who has issued the cheque is known as ‘drawer’ and the person in whose favour the cheque has been issued is known as ‘drawee’.
Following are the requisites of a cheque:

Cheque Bounce Cases

How the Cashless Education Ecosystem Benefits Students?

The one thing almost everyone sees around is digitization. Everywhere you look people are powered with the boom of digitization. One major upgrade that we all have got thanks to the dawn of digitization in the Indian education system.

Cashless Education Ecosystem Benefits Students

‘I’m sure you all have gone through the era where paying for almost everything needed wallets full of cash or later the plastic money era of the credit and debit cards. Now with digitization going to the next level, people are welcomed to the world of cashless. With almost every sector going the cashless way, the latest one to get accustomed to the cashless wonder world is the education sector. Educational institutes across the country are realizing the benefits of cashless campuses are plenty and the faster they can take the benefits of going cashless.