Working Hard Is Not Good Enough

Working Hard Is Not Good EnoughHard work seems to be the keystone to success; and man’s indomitable spirit defies all odds to accomplish it. In spite of working hard, only a very few become profusely successful in their endeavors. What else do they execute to reach to the pinnacle?

The conventional path of hardwork to success no longer bears fruit unless one garnishes it with certain elements of character, attitude and technique. It’s wise to unlearn and relearn to adapt than a futile trial to win the race with lessons scripted long back. Working Hard Is Not Good Enough is an insightful management book for all who want to make a difference to their performance, potential and life in general – to achieve success and happiness.

Best selling author TGC Prasad brings forth some of the best management insights in his latest book “Working Hard Is Not Good Enough” to pull an individual out of the rat race. The book is useful to students and to any working professional and more than recommending solutions or methods to follow, the book makes one think and garner insights that he could apply to his personal and professional life to be successful and happy. Derived from decent amount of research, the book is a compilation of many examples, stories about people, companies, and situations, which are context driven.  Do not miss this engaging read.

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