Working and Uses of Water Ring Vacuum Pumps

Water ring vacuum pumps are used in different ways in different industries. They are designed to serve in heavy duty industrial environments. They are used as compressors being suited for low and high vacuum applications.

Water ring vacuum pumps

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Construction and Working:

The water ring vacuum pump consists of an impeller with blades that are fixed to a central hub inside a cylinder, slightly offset from center. The blades at the top are near the outside wall when compared to those at the side of pump and farthest from the wall at the bottom of pump.

The impeller is in-between the two port plates which have holes or ports. Water is the sealant which is used to create a vacuum. Before starting the pump it is filled partially with water. When the pump is in OFF condition the impeller blades are immersed in water. When ON the impeller slings the water by centrifugal force to the outer edges of the cylinder forming a ring on outside walls.

Owing to offset position of impeller some blades are immersed in water while some are not. A void is created which gets sealed off between the blades and water forming an ‘impeller cell.’

As the rotation continues the water recedes from central hub and functions like a piston making a larger cell. Suction is created and the pump draws in air, gas or vapour via the inlet port at the sides of impeller. When the impeller cell passes inlet port and progresses towards outlet the water goes towards central hub of impeller producing compression.

When impeller cell passes outlet port, compression reaches maximum and the gases plus some highly turbulent water gets expelled creating the desired vacuum condition.

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