Why Indians Seek Government Officials for Marriage

Marriages in India are arranged on the basis of religion, cast and creed. In many cases, weddings are also based on the occupation of the boy and girl. Since many decades, Indian families have favored boys working for the government sector as a suitable match for their beloved daughters. The following article will discuss about why eligible men with government jobs are given more preference than those working for private companies.

Matrimony with Grooms from the Government Services

A groom with a government job will always come across as confident and dignified

A groom with a government job will always come across as confident and dignified

While searching for life partners, people hope to find someone who is well settled and earning well. And who better than someone associated with the public sector?

People working in the government services are known to have maximum job satisfaction. They are the most content and tension-free amongst all service class professionals. Such positive traits in a prospective groom and son-in-law are desired by many Indian households. A job in the government sector is an asset that only adds bundles of happiness, comforts and financial security in your married life. Thus, government services matrimony is by far the most coveted alliance between Indian grooms and brides.

Reasons to Marry a PSU Employee

So you are looking for a suitable match for marriage? Would you like to marry someone who works late into the night, comes home frustrated with his boss and ruins his Sunday with teleconferences? Or would you rather marry someone who leads a steady life with a surety of job, promotion, and would devote quality time to you? If you want to spend the rest of your life with the latter type of a man, then you should opt to marry a man with a government job.

Here are a few more reasons to find a life partner from the public sector.

  1. A good head start to a career – A government job is a boon to any job seeker. In India, people go job hunting with the hope of landing a public sector job but not everyone can pursue it. Not only are they difficult to land, they are also limited in number. The very fact that they are difficult to get makes them all the more lucrative.
  2. Excellent pay – Over the years, the Indian government has started offering highly competitive salary packages to deserving employees. This is a strong reason for people to rush to apply for PSU jobs. With the sixth pay commission, government officials are earning much more than their allies in private organizations.
  3. Additional perks – Employment with the government guarantees you additional perks and privileges such as LTC, provident fund and pension facilities. This is a major lure that draws individuals towards government organizations. When eligible boys join a government-run enterprise or a public office, they get the assurance of extra benefits through such gratuities.
  4. Job Security – Unlike the uncertainty of jobs in the private sector, public sector jobs are here to stay as the government of India won’t be getting dissolved overnight. Private companies may shut down, run into losses and lay off its workforce, but the government is a supreme entity that won’t be harmed. This security is the biggest factor for people to join this sector. This promises a safe future, which also makes men with such jobs even more appealing.
  5. Timely Promotion – The government cadre is assured timely bound promotion allowing the staff to get promoted in due time. Again, unlike the private sector which gives more weight-age to performance than time scale, public sector jobs guarantee a rise in position. With promotion, there is pay hike and further benefits. And eventually, who wouldn’t like to lead an easy life with ration at subsidized costs and a car and home provided by the government?

All these factors make grooms with government jobs even more respectable and desirable. The society looks up to them and they lead a life of dignity.

Author bio: The given article has been written by Devika Arora, a fervent writer who has been writing about relationships and marriages in India. The above article discusses about marriage with government services employees.

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