What’s in store for Web Development in 2014?

Over all these years, we have witnessed the Web Development sector undergo numerous advancements. Whether it’s about the inception of responsive websites or CMS’s, the Web Development Community has introduced us to a wide world of tools and techniques that have created a benchmark. Popular brands have started realizing the importance of embracing latest web development technologies. Through this post, I’ve made an attempt to familiarize you with advancements that will take the web development industry to a whole new level of success.

Web Development in 2020

There will be no difference between Web browser and Operating System

The year 2020 will eradicate the thin line of difference between operating system and web browser. Internet users will be able to run their entire computer systems through popular web browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. A handy example of this advancement is HTML5 web development wherein users can have a great console gaming experience via their web browsers, without the need for any downloads or plugins.

Greater emphasis will be put on typography

While the year 2020 saw a lesser emphasis on website’s typography, 2020 will see websites where typography plays a crucial role in boosting user experience. The existing popularity of responsive web designs will mark the creation of websites wherein text will be considered seriously. It will be ensured that a website’s text is readable on a variety of devices with varying screen sizes.

Smoother transitions

Unlike the tedious transitions undertaken in 2020, the year 2020 will pave way for smoother yet smarter transitions. Whether it’s about performing functions or interacting with a website’s interface, web developers will be focusing on undertaking smooth transitions. This will also turn to be an added advantage for web developers who’re involved in developing mobile-friendly websites. The introduction of 4K resolution images will aid the designers in creating retina-ready web designs. An increased screen resolution will combat all issues that crop in due to un-readable text font.

Scrolling and Parallax Scrolling will mark a new revolution in 2020

Although the year 2020 has seen a whole range of websites experimenting with longer web pages, the year 2020 will witness the continuation of this trend. Scrolling and Parallax scrolling will likely be found in almost every website. There will be an introduction of some cool, sleek and elegant scrolling designs that will affirm maximum traffic for websites.

Drag and Drop will emerge as the rising stars

In continuation with the promising HTML5 web development trend, the native drag and drop support will view latest advancements as compared to the year 2020. It will be a bit more mature and will pose some serious effects on the overall website functioning.

3D capabilities of web browsers will be harnessed to the fullest

This year, you will view a good population of web developers taking full advantage of the 3D potential of the modern web browsers. There will be a considerable increase in the support for lightweight, CSS3 3D transforms and other mobile-friendly methods of rendering 3D effects to web pages. With the promising HTML5 canvas, you’ll be able to see the surfacing of impressive games, apps and presentations that include 3D graphics.

Wrapping Up

It’s not surprising to find these web development trends surpass the expectations of web developers and customers in the year 2020. Hope you’d have loved reading this post. If you want to add something to the above post and feel it can help our readers, please do proceed by using the comments box below. Also, don’t forget to share your views/opinions on my post.

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