What Makes Diesel Car So Popular in India

Next year Japanese Car Company Honda is coming with the diesel version. It is looking great from others because it will be the most fuel efficient car in India with a superb 26 Kpl (Kilometers per litre) mileage.

Honda Desel Car in India


A few time ago it was the problem with buyers of new cars because cost of the cars running rapidly along with stakes on fuel economy. In these times of petrol cars that also dominate the heap which is not good. After advances in diesel technology something expecting beneficial from new buyer’s point of view. Sedans led by Honda’s City giving challenges to traditional wisdom.

In this year diesel prices was not stable and slightly up-down, revised 11 times since January. It was good sign for petrol cars but still dominant the diesel cars at 55% of total sales.

“Whatever but fuel economy is the main factor for making the decision by the new car buyers, if we will talk about similar size cars then diesel will always more efficient then petrol, ”Said Kumar Kandaswami, senior director, Deloitte India.

What Makes Diesel Car So PopularIt is expectation to raising the diesel versions of another car making companies too like Tata and Maruti as well as Alto. Nano is trying to launch diesel version with mileage of 30 kpl. Suzuki which is the renowned car making company also working to make a diesel engine of 800cc may be used in Alto and Wagon R.

IV Rao, executive advisor of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd said” Every manufacturer have the core idea of fuel efficiency today”

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