What is the Career Options After BBA Finance

A world of possibilities opensfor people with a bachelor’s degree in BBA finance. Those three years of hard work pays off when one can explore just about any arena of the business world. A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is aparticularly versatile degree as it can be obtained by studying a variety of fields.

While many students choose to studya number of different subjects,others prefer to focus on a morespecific aspect of the business.
The salary package largely depends on the sector and a person’s capability. However, one can expect a starting salary of anything between 25k –35k per month.

Below are some of the career options that one can explore after a BBA finance degree.

Financial Advisor/Analyst

With a BBA finance degree in hand, one can become a financial advisor and recommend individuals to match personal goals. As a financial advisor, one assessesthe financial needs of their clients and helps them with insurance decisions, investments and tax laws. Furthermore, a financial advisor also helps plan short-term and long-term goals like education and retirement.

One can even become a part of a company and help it in making smart financial decisions by assessing risk and in return helping it come out of debt or grow.


The role of an accountant suits the best to those who are detail oriented, enjoy playing with numbers and are great at helping others. The critical task of accountantsis to prepare and examine financial records of a company. An accountant makes sure that records are accurate, and taxes are paid on time and in a proper manner. One of the most crucial things accountants do is an auditof the financial operations of a company and its businessto help it run smoothly and efficiently.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent acts as the bridge between the buyer and seller. They help in buying, selling and renting property – whether residential or commercial. While real estate agents must be licensed for the job, a degree in BBA finance will be another feather on the cap. Those who excel at negotiating skills are best suited for this job.

Commodities Trader

Commodities trader is an exciting career option that involves investing in physical substances like crops, oil, gold, grains and others. Commodity trading is an exhilarating and sophisticated type of investment. While this type of trading has many resemblances to stock trading, the major difference is the asset that is being traded. Commodity trading focuses on purchasing and trading commodities like gold rather than company shares as in stock trading. One with a BBA finance degree will better be able to judge the market and trade wisely.

Credit Analyst

The tasks of a credit analyst comprise ofanalysing credit data and financial data of companies or individuals that are applying for credit or loans. They determine the risk that the bank or other lending institution will not recoup funds loaned.Once calculated, the level of risk is then used to govern if a loan will be granted or not. Credit analysts will prepare reports based on their findings to help make decisions on lending and credit-worthiness.As a credit analyst, one needs to prepare reports that help companies decideon credit-worthiness and lending.

However, after obtaining a BBA finance degree, it is advisable to gain work experience in the finance domain through either an internship or permanent job before applying for the role of a credit analyst.

Relationship Manager

A relationship manager will work in either wholesale or retailbanking and is required to help and advise clients with their financial concerns.The scope of thisjob profile ranges from assisting clients with their account details to offering advice on financial investments. A relationship manager needs to cater to existing clients while trying to make new clients for the bank.Excellent communication and presentation skills are an essential requirement for the job as customer interaction makesfor the most part of the day.

So, if any of these job profiles interest you, enrol in any of the top universities like UPES that offer a degree in BBA financeand make the students ready for the industry through their industry-aligned courses.

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