What is Fleet Management System

Fleet management is the management of a company transportation fleet. It’s contains marketable vehicles like a cars, ships & trucks as well as rail cars. Fleet management includes a series of functions such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, tracking & diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel, health & safety management. Fleet Management is a function which permits companies which rely on transportation in trade to remove the risks connected with vehicle investment, increasing efficiency, and output and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, offering 100% fulfillment with government legislation & many more. These functions can be deal with by any an in-house fleet management sector.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a complete GPS tracking enable system designed for tracking & managing fleets range from 5 – 5,000 vehicles.

It can be customized to fit the trade requirements of a broad range of companies in varied industries: Corporate fleets, state-wide commercial fleets, such a telecom services, food & beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies,  oil companies to name just a few plus, road transport fleets, suppliers, courier companies, express services, utility companies, localized service providers, like a construction firms, municipal public works fleets, ambulance fleets, limos, HVAC, florists,  electricians, plumbers etc.

Fleet Management can give business intelligence that permits fleet managers to reach a broad range of operational efficiencies maximizing fuel economy, minimizing driver / labor rates, extending fleet vehicle life-cycle,  optimizing client service and ultimately, rising your trade productivity & profitability.


  • Fleet managers focus on:
  • Vehicle investment
  • Improving efficiency
  • Improving productivity
  • Changing driver behavior
  • Reducing overall transportation costs
  • vehicle profiling
  • trip profiling
  • vehicle efficiency

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