What is 3G?

What is 3G

What is 3G?

3G is very common word for all of us. When we go to buy a mobile handset we ask the mobile shopkeeper about the mobile features including 3G features. If we want to use internet on our mobile with high speed then we need 3G recharge on our sim card.

3G is third generation mobile technology that is using for wireless high speed transmission multimedia access mobile phones. This service is very useful in data transfer, video calls, data downloading and uploading and fast internet surfing.

This technology was designed for fast multimedia communication with higher data transfer rates and also enable user for move across stats while you are using the old number and handset.

3G Technology Contributors: There are three contributors for 3G technology that are following –

1.    CDMA200 – CDMA Stand for Code Division Multiple Access.

2.    W-CDMA (UMTS) – Wideband Code Division Multiple Access.

3.    SCDM  – Synchronous Code-division Multiple Access.

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