Visual learning that transforms the Educational System

In this computer-driven era, each and every sector ranging from sports, marketing, finance, entertainment to politics, encounters the need of digitization.  Recently, technology made a remarkable mark in the field of education through the concept of digital learning.

Gone are the days when drawing chalk, duster and boards were used to demonstrate essential information. The virtual learning concept promotes the idea of learning through watching. It has been already observed that a student’s learning capability enhances when lessons are delivered through pictures, graphics and videos.

The initiative is regarded as a winning scheme for the education sector. The students, who always try to escape those dull and boring classrooms earlier, are now attending the lectures with full enthusiasm. The digital learning concept simplifies the education system as today’s generation love spending their time on digital gadgets likes of I-Pads, Smartphones, Laptops and Desktops. Thus, the thought of Online Study is a hit!

Online education is an impeccable step towards effective learning. It lays emphasis to produce experts or professionals over untrained persons. It imparts practical knowledge to the students residing in different parts of the nation. Virtual learning is classroom learning only, but through digital media such as online tutorials, video courses, and animated educational or informational videos. It has contributed significantly in enhancing the learning-ability quotient that eventually leads to improve the all-round performance of a student.

Virtual study scheme proves to be a boon in the engineering field. Being a technical student, one has to be very prompt and sharp in practical applications. Visual based learning allows the students to get acquainted with several kinds of different aspects which can’t be explained theoretically. Engineering comes all-alive through such top-notch multimedia and high-tech tools. The topics and subjects are well explained through education videos and real-life examples.

The information is well-categorized and defined in graphics and images. Different shapes, diagrams, derivations and applications are presented visually that gives high understanding and great retention to the potential engineers. With an induction of Digital learning system, students no longer need to bother about the maintenance of notes and projects or presentations. Every study material is available on their digital devices.

Virtual classrooms are both knowledgeable and entertaining. The system keeps the students motivated towards achieving their set desired goals effectively. They get a standardized digital yet communicative learning atmosphere. E-classrooms work wonders for the teaching staff as well. It saves the time, helps in preparing the question papers for exams and even aids in creating the quizzes after the end of every lecture.

Such an innovative advancement in the education field brings a whole new ideal meaning to a classroom learning methodology!

DragonFly Education is a company which has successfully introduced the first ever concept of effective digital learning in several engineering institutions in the nation. DragonFly MasterClass is specially designed with an aim to provide effective learning and teaching experience to the students and professors respectively through impressive use of multi-media and technology.

Rajni Sudera is the author of the article, working for the writing of the DragonFly Education. DragonFly MasterClass concept, came into existence in 2010, offers a pool of digital learning through animated educational videos, engineering technology programs and virtual classrooms.

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