Top Five Online Affiliate Networks for Vendors and Marketers

If you are looking to make some money off the internet then affiliate marketing is the way forward. This is a kind of performance based marketing tool where the business platform awards multiple affiliates based on the kind of business that they bring to them. This means that the affiliate needs to have some strong marketing ideas if he/she wants to get a better share of earnings. From this very concept, the idea for affiliate networks has cropped up. These networks basically play a very intermediary role between the affiliates and the programs itself. Although joining a network inevitably reduces your earnings to an extent but the long term gains are quite high on their own eventually.

Five Online Affiliate Networks for Vendors and Marketers

If you are a publisher looking to join an affiliate network, here is a list of the 5 best Online Affiliate Networks that you can easily choose from.

LinkShare: LinkShare is one of the best affiliate networks in the market today and has only recently joined with Rakuten affiliate network hence allowing it the benefit of having a larger playing field now. With over 10,000 merchants on its personal directory including large brands like Sephora and Macys, LinkShare is a great option for publishers who are planning to go big in the industry. Moreover, it is not limited to any one kind of industry but promotes a variety of items and merchandise. Some of the best features of LinkShare include tracking clicks and commissions easily and hassle free. Furthermore, it is also well known for automatically rotating ads to reduce your time spent on additional management and also has a flexible deep linking system which means you have a direct link to the merchants’ websites hence allowing you enough room to adequately channel various purchases. Associates: Since Amazon is by far the largest online retailer in the world currently their affiliate program is the most vastly spread one as well. While there are numerous benefits for joining the Amazon Network there are also some drawbacks as well. Some of the advantages include a high 10% commission on direct sales for certain products but at the same time a meager 4% commission on electrical items. Moreover, Amazon’s affiliate program is run by one of the most trust worthy companies in the world which means publishers don’t need to worry excessively about late payments. With a vast array of products to sell, the Amazon affiliate network is a great tool for a variety of marketers and vendors.

Clickbank: Clickbank is a great option for vendors that deal in technology based goods. In the most modest sense, it is actually the best affiliate network in the technology industry. Moreover, it is known to have a large vendor and affiliate base which means as a technology goods marketer your business will be secure. Furthermore, Clickbank is also known for giving out payments on time which means your efforts will never go down the drain. With Clickbank you also have the advantage of promoting almost 600 thousand products on your website at a time without having to register each product individually.

Google AdSense: One of the highest paying affiliate networks in the world, AdSense in solely run by Google and comes with many benefits. For example, if a vendor connects with AdSense, they would be subject to a minimum of 100 generic viewers’ daily at least. Moreover, with multiple language options, AdSense allows you to cater to a wide audience based on their mother tongue spoken as well. Also, as a vendor, you get the option of choosing from multiple ad formats including text and other visuals as well

Commission Junction: While CJ Affiliate has been popularly dubbed as one of the most expensive affiliate networks in the industry, it is still a powerful platform for many vendors to connect and derive good genuine business from. Because of its popularity, almost all the major merchants are definitely associated with it which means as a publisher you have access to all the high end brands in the world which undoubtedly pay well as well.Other than their huge network, they are also very known for timely payments through a fairly reliable system.


Since affiliate marketing itself is a huge industry, as a vendor you will never be left out and your website or blog will always have business. Hopefully this list of affiliate networks will help you find the right one suited for you.

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